Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Pageant

Thursday evening my friend Christina & I went to the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant. I haven't been for a few years and it was marvelous to to see it again. It began in 1928 as a sunrise service and has grown over the years. The entire cast is about 425 people and a backstage crew of 100, all volunteers. There are over 2000 articles of costumes that are maintained. The stage is four stories high and take many weeks to assemble.
They set up 10,000 chairs, and many people start saving seats about 4 PM in the afternoon. I went by the temple grounds Friday afternoon and they were saving seats and parked out on blankets about 3:30 PM. People bring food to eat and wait. Yesterday the high was in the high 80s. Today (Saturday) it was only in the 60's and it rained. I'm glad we went Thursday high it was in the high 80's but once the sun goes down it is cool. This time of year the temperature can drop almost 30 degrees. I had a sweater on and brought a quilt to wrap up in and I did use it.
After the show we did tour the visitor's center for a few minutes. It was a good way to celebrate the Easter season, and remember all the Savior has done for us.
Have a Happy & Blessed Easter.


Bonnie said...

The Mesa Pageant is one that I've never been too. I hope to make it there one of these years.

Mary said...

Hi Bonnie,
Thanks for your comments. The other Pageant I have seen is Hill Cumorah. I saw it the year I came home from my mission, so in 81. I moved to AZ in 84. I didn't appreciate this pageant for a few years. If you ever make it to Mesa, let me know & we’ll do a little valley shop hop.