Sunday, March 18, 2012

Double Flying Geese

While checking out one of the blogs I follow, Civil War Quilts, I follow this blog so I can draw the blocks in EQ 7.  While there I saw a quilt with this wonderful Double Flying Geese border. Scroll to the bottom of that post.  The quilter is Lois O and this is her link.

Of course this border intrigued me.  When I saw her drawing I thought I can draw this in EQ 7.  I did but to be honest I had to draw it first on graph paper, and then it was easy! 

Shape Tool
So here is a little tutorial to draw it in EQ 7. I made the block lay out, twice as long as it is wide.  There are 6 geese, so I divided the length into 6 even segments.  To make drawing easier I made my block 6" x 12".  Each line I drew across the block I divided into thirds.  To do this you need to use the shape tool, the second tool from the top on left is the tool you use to divide lines in half or thirds.  This is on an Easy Draw block. This is a very handy tool for drawing complex blocks.  Be sure to click on the little red square to open the menu. 

Menu and lines divided into thirds

These dots for the thirds helped me line up the points for each goose.  On the right is the menu for the shape tool, which allows lines to be divided.

Here is a close up of the triangles for the geese.  There are some extra lines that need to be removed to make the sky larger around the geese.

The same area with the extra lines removed.  To delete the lines, use the Pick tool, the top left hand side tool, click on the line, it will be bold, and use the delete key on your key board to remove the lines.

Here is the completed and colored block, be sure to add your dimensions to the Notecard so you remember the correct size of your block.  Remember EQ 7 default size for all blocks is 6'' x 6".  You can draw this block in easy round numbers like I did and then change the size to print your paper piecing paper to fit your quilt.

And here is the paper piecing pattern.  Now wasn't that fun! 

I think I even know the quilt I might use this one.  If it isn't too busy. 

Happy Stitching and Happy EQing!


LiahonaGirl said...

That's a great border block and a great EQ7 tutorial. Thanks Mary!

debbie m said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. A member of one of the local quilt guilds I belong to used Lois O's picture (flicker) to make this block...only a border on a round robin we are doing. After searching I found your tut. Hope to try it this month in EQ7, which I just got and know very little about. This may turn out to be the first thing I design using the program. Thanks again!

debbie m said...

I did it!!!! Now to see how it sews up, eek! Thanks again!

Dolly said...

You are a champ for figuring this out in EQ7. I ran onto the pattern some time ago on one of the quilting blogs (don't remember which one) and it's called "Staggering Geese" and made with a large square and a smaller square and then cut down the center on a diagonal. Makes the left hand and right hand "goose" and it's so much fun in a border. You've made a great tutorial, thanks.

Liddibeth said...

Hi. Thanks for this. I don't have EQ but I can follow along and draw it with paper and pencil.