Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Early Triple Digits

Early Triple Digits that is what the weather man reports. We hit 102 today. Ugh! We are 16 degrees above normal. Ugh! We normally hit triple digits around May 13th, the latest recorded dates is May 18, the previously early date was May 2. We broke the record today. It looks like a long hot summer. Thank Heaven for air conditioning, it is now on and will be on until the end of Oct. The next record they will start to count is the number of consecutive days at triple digits. But it is a Dry Heat!


Carma Lee said...

Dry heat or not, it truly is hot! But, I'd still rather be here than anywhere else!

Bonnie said...

Last week we got about 8" of snow overnight. This week it's in the high 70's. Gotta love spring weather in Utah. The house is a little warm at night, but I'm still not ready to turn on the A.C.

The past two summers I've traveled back east. I'll take our dry heat over heat + humidity any day!