Sunday, April 12, 2009

30 Fat Quarters Give Away

I was looking at Colleen's blog that I follow once in awhile. She had a link to this give away at Pig Tales & Quilts. So I'm posting a link and a comment on her blog.

Now all those who know me, know I don't need any more fabric. So why would I want to participate in this give away. Well it's not for me. I'm going to ask for Red, White and Blue fabrics, because I was looking at the Quilts of Valor project and I thought I really would like to make a quilt for this project and donate it. I have a future son-in-law, well I hope he will be anyway, who severed in Afghanistan & a nephew who is in Iraq now. My bother was in the Navy, he was accepted to the Naval academy two days before his draft notice for the Vietnam War came. My Mom was an army nurse during WWII, she would never talk about it other than she was on the Philippines. My Mom died when I was 16, so I never heard the story of her army days other than she severed and it was hard. She didn't want me to go into the army or to be a nurse. She got the first wish but not the second one. And I never regret my decision to become a nurse, even if it was hard to be one sometimes. So anyway I digress.

So as a support to the family who have severed in the armed forces I thought I would make a quick quilt and send it off.

If you are interested in the give away or the QOV check it out!

Also Happy Easter!!


Thearica said...

Thanks for the shout out about my give away!

Mary said...

I just sent off 2 more quilts of valor from HeartStrings today. Funny, I'm a nurse too and so was my Mom.

Mary said...

That is fun both of us nurses with Moms who where nurses. My Dad was a fireman and my brother was one also. Us kids didn' have a lot of imagination as far as job go.