Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Yo-Yo Quilt Blocks

Remember the Yo-Yo Quilt, that I have been working on forever, well almost forever.
On Saturday March 23, 2019 at 1:38 PM,
 I put the last stitch in the last Yo-yo in the last block. 
Yeah!!! What a great feeling.

So here it is on the design wall with all the blocks. 
I did change some of the Yo-yos on some of the blocks, too much yellow or orange. I am not a big fan of yellow or orange but I know you need a little to help make a quilt colorful.

Next step of sewing the rows together will be happening soon.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Those Teenagers

On November 16th we celebrated out 6th anniversary of the girls coming to live with us and my retirement. 
What growth experience and I must stay the Lord has helped me a lot to care for them. He has blessed with strengthen, energy when I need it, words of wisdom when I needed them, patience even when I don't feel like it. Grateful for the experience, even if it wasn't what I had planned. I will be glad when they realize what we have done for them. Right now we are public enemy #1. 
I guess that means we are doing a good job as parents. 

This picture was taken in February and this is Bigger Bit. 
Age 14.5 Now 15.

This is Little Bit, she didn't want to take a picture on the day I wanted, so here we in March.  Age 12.5. now 13.

Thankfully they are good girls, one is a mouthy and will push the edge of the envelop so she is in trouble a lot. The other one is very helpful and is seldom in trouble. One works hard at school and the other one doesn't. One is always having drama with friends and one is not. One doesn't want to go do things but has a good time when she does, the other wants to go, go, go. 
They are as opposite as day is from night. 
They do keep me busy.
Well off to enjoy my me time while they are in school. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Blogiversary and a Finished Wreath

Oh My Gosh, I just realized my Blog is 10 years old today. 

Where did the time go? I am not as frequent a writer as I was before. Just so busy with life and teenagers as a 70 year old. 
Life is good they keep me young and on my toes. 
There are few dull moments, except when they are sleeping or at school, then it is peaceful. I enjoy those moments.

Here are my blog stats as of this morning. Thanks to all those who check in every now and again. 

I wanted to let you know I finished the project I started in March and I am working on the binding of the mini version made from the scrapes of the twister. 

Here it is finished and hanging on my wall. 
A friend did the raffia bow for me, since I am a total bow failure. But I know my resources and I am not ashamed to use them. 

Take care and be happy no matter what you are doing.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Second Project

After I finished the pillowcases I started a project I have had for a couple of years and I felt like it was calling to me to make it. 

Here are the fabrics and the pattern, all laid out for me to press and cut the next day. I started cutting on March 1st, 2018.

These little sticker dots came in handy to label the fabrics. I won them at a Get-R-Done meeting. I added a third brown, I didn't want the same color touching each other like the pattern had. 

Close up of the pattern. This is a twister pattern.

Here it is all sewn together before the twisting started.

Here it is with five rows twisted. I just think the twisting gives it so much more texture and interest to the fabrics. 

One night I made a rookie mistake and cut out a square to twist with my twister tool upside down. 
Which made my pinwheel backwards.
Luckily for me me it was the first block on the row, so I only had to ripe out two blocks and some of the border to fix it.

This was how I fixed it at first. I was trying to be lazy. But as you can see I needed about 1/8" more fabric. I did some more ripping.

And fixed it correctly. I was then able to continue without any difficulty. Luckily I no more cutting mistakes. I did make a sewing mistake. I reversed two pairs of blocks in one row towards the bottom, and my pinwheels didn't match up. Luckily I found while I was pining the row to the next row, so I quickly ripped those blocks out and turned them around.

I am going to do something with all these scraps. 

So last night 3/16/2018 I had the top constructed.

I love all the texture in the wreath.

The name of the pattern is Twister Harvest Wreath, I purchased the kit from

Happy Sewing!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Finally Sewing Again

Yes it is true. I have done some sewing. It has been over a year since I had my machine out. I finished one project and have started another. I have really missed sewing. 
Of course, that means I am not doing any scrapbooking. I can only do one hobby at a time in my room. 

My first project was for a little pillowcase to cover my mini pillow I place between my knees when I am going to sleep. My old pillowcase that I have been using for ages was threadbare and getting holes in the seams. 

The old small pillowcase. My big pillowcase the colors are reversed. She how much this was loved and used.

A close up of the cuff. I heard it ripe one time when I was turning over. That was the time I thought I better get the new one done.

Starting the French seams for the new pillow case. I purchased this fabric ages ago. When I was still going to Quilting get-a-ways and I wanted a new set of pillowcases for the get-a-ways. Then life changed and I don't go to get-a-ways anymore. It's all good.

Here it is all finished. I made it in a couple of hours or less. 
I don't really time myself. 

The next night I made the big one for my head pillow.
The cuff is really going to be big.

Close up of the cuff to show off the cats and the cute sayings.

The Big One. 

Both of them. 

Tomorrow I will share my other new project. 
Until then Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Playing in EQ8

Hi There! 
I have popped out of hiding to drop in and say hello!
I still haven't been doing any quilting. I have been working on scrapbooking, genealogy and raising my two girls. Believe me that last one takes a lot, and I mean a lot of energy. 
It wasn't easy the first time around, it isn't any easier the second time around and I am not as young as I once was. 
I will be 70 next month.

Anyway my sweet hubby gifted me with Electric Quilt 8 or EQ8 for Christmas and I have started playing in the software. It isn't hard it will be easier for new users but everything is turned around for me who has been using EQ for a long time. 

One of my friends asked me to design a quilt for her using a lot of orphan blocks. 

Here is the spreadsheet she sent me almost four years ago of all her blocks. I just total them all up 182 blocks. Varying in sizes from 2 inches square to 13 inches square. There is a strip that is 3 inches by 42 inches.  This should be interesting and it will be big!
Yes this morning I dropped food on the list, which is that brown spot on the top right.

The pink highlighted names of the blocks 
are the ones I have drawn in EQ8.

I took a screen shot of the blocks I have drawn so far. I followed the coloring she used to the best of my ability. Since I don't have a picture of any of her blocks. 

I thought this might be something everyone would like to see how the progress goes. I am planing on using a custom setting quilt. Wish me luck.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, October 30, 2017

I made a Special Card

Our daughter Kierra and her husband were married 
8 years ago on Halloween. I did blog about it but the video is gone. You can see different posts of the wedding album I made her. Just look for Wedding album on the side bar, if you want. 

So for her anniversary I wanted to make a card that was half Anniversary and half Halloween. I had seen some cool Screen Cards or Screen Divider Cards and I wanted to make one of them. 
Here is a video I watched to learn how to make the Screen Card.

But since I wanted a half and half card, I used two different punches across the top instead of one. One half had hearts for their anniversary and the other half had bats for Halloween.

Since her colors are black and red the black card stock worked perfectly for both sides. On the Anniversary side I used some of my Kiwi Lane design templates for the design and some of the left over punches, the hearts and from the bottom for feet of the screen. 
On the right I used some Tim Holtz Halloween ephemera and his  die cuts for words on both sides.  I love the way the big bat is in the middle of the Halloween side. 

It is a great feeling when what you had in your minds eye turns out the way you wanted. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Nutcracker 2016

Our Little Ballerina was in the Nutcracker again 
for November and December of 2016. 
She was originally disappointed because her letter of acceptance had her in the same role she was last year as a doll. She had decided she would still dance even thought she was disappointed. I was really proud of her for making this decision. 
At the first rehearsal her role was changed to be one of the mice in the fight scene. Not a baby mouse either one of the bigger fighting mice. This is a bigger role with more dancing. The only down side was it was hard to know which mouse she was. Since I was backstage for some of the rehearsals I was able to follow her moves. Of course when I was watching her from the audience it was hard to keep track of her with that big mice head mask on. She needed a pink bow on her tail. I guess fighting mice don't wear bows. Oh well it was a thought. 

Here she is in her costume. 
Little Bit as a Mouse in the Nutcracker

Professional Photo taken by Stefani Bullard Photography

Her grandmother came from California to see her dance as well as her Biggest sister, who lives here in town. 

The studio made new costumes which was interesting to see them change and improve from dress rehearsal to opening night.

The mask under construction, and even the body 
of the suit in't complete. 

Now we are getting that mouse look. 

Yes we are a fierce mouse. 

And here is my tail. 

As you can see in the professional photo 
that the costumes turned out very good.

Sadly she won't be in the Nutcracker this year. Little Bit turned twelve and is now in Young Women's at church and they have a big activity this Saturday and she wants to go to Slide Rock Park instead of the audition. Her choice. I will tell you a little secret I am kind of relieved. It is a lot of work and a lot of chaperoning, 
that I don't have to do now. :-)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Re-Organization of My Sewing Room

My Scrapbooking hobby is becoming more involved 
and working in the living room wasn't working.
 Let's face it I want one room to look presentable.

So for years this is my sewing room, I still call it my sewing room. So I had to squeeze scrapbooking in to this space. It was a big job. I still need to sort through some of my quilting stuff and give up the things that I know what I will never use 
but that is a project for another day. 

Looking into the room from the door way. Basically it looks the same, except now the bookcase under the TV has my paper supply in it. On the table that usually has my sewing machine are my most frequently tools use in scrapbooking. On top of the ironing board are my quilting tools that are normally on the table but here they out of the way of scrapbooking time. The little TV tray is for some of my extra supplies when I need them.

Another view from the door but straight on. 

The cutting table and shelves straight on. This is a mix of both kinds of supplies. Plus my chick flicks and music CDs.

This is under the table, a mixture of both kinds of supplies. 

Just a little closer look at the work table. 
My machines are stored under the table.

A closer look at the bookcase between the tables. Yes it is a bit of a tight corner. The top shelve is solid colored paper and the second shelve paper with designs mostly in pads. 
And yes those pads are in alphabetical order, I have the names of the paper written on the spine of the pads. 
Third shelf is other scrapbooking supplies.
Yes those are my special treats in a basket on the floor. 

This is the second bookcase which is a mix of 
quilting supplies and scrapbooking supplies. 

Just a close up of the second bookcase. The only shelf with scrapbooking stuff is the one with the two binders. 

This is obviously a quilting side, the design wall, ironing board 
and fabric storage. Yes I need a new cover for the design wall but I have a cat that likes to claw at it, so I am waiting. I am not designing with fabric right now anyway, just paper.

The closet that is filled with fabric arranged by color. No change here in the last five years.

Behind the door hanger has some quilting things and some scrapbooking things, mostly punches.  The peg board has all the larger rulers I use in quilting.

So now we are back to where we started, 
we have made our way around the room.

I won't admit how long it took me to re-organize my room, but it was long. Plus I was working on scrapbooking during the project. 

Well Little Bit just asked me to mend some pants for her, so I guess I have to go clean off the creative explosion that is currently on my table and put the sewing machine up. I am going to cheat and use the little Featherweight machine instead of the big one. It is a straight seam anyway. 

Happy Stitching and Happy Scraping!!