Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Bookcase

It sure is nice to have a handy husband. 

One day I was giving a private EQ 7 lesson here at my home.  
When I reached up to my old bookcase to get my notebook down the shelf did a nasty twist and books began to fall all over.  Luckily my friend helped take some of the books down and put them on the floor for me, before more damage was done. 

That almost empty shelf was the accident 
looking for a place to happen.

Here are the books I placed on the floor when the shelf fell.  
Plus there was another big binder with the classes for foster 
parents we took.  I found it a new home in the hall closet. 

This was a five shelf bookcase that used to be on the floor
 until Mr. B. purchased this big computer desk for me.  So we took it apart and made two short cases out of it and placed it on top of the desk.  Which works well.  The less flat space I have the 
better it is; I tend to fill it up. 

We tried to find something at the stores but they were all that cheap particle board or is it press board that falls apart after 5 years.  Mr. B. said that would not work and he could built me a nice new one.  
Here it is!!  It is lovely and I really like it. 
Even though the shelves are long there is support in the middle of each shelf. No shagging shelves here.

Thanks, honey for doing such a good job. 

Those are my genealogy notebooks on the bottom left.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching!!   

Friday, April 24, 2015

Yeah! The Quilting is Done

Yesterday afternoon I was able to finish the 
quilting on my friend's quilt.  
That is a good feeling.  
Here is the proof!

This is the top of the quilt, the borders are missing. 

The bottom of the quilt.  

Someday I dream of being a great machine quilter!  That was going to be one of my retirement goals, funny how life changes plans.  I am sure I will be able to do more as the girls grow.

My 9 year took this picture of me, it is posed but she was so funny she told me to drop my shoulders and tilt my head.  Do I have a junior photographer in the house. 

I have so few pictures of me doing the things I like, so I asked the girls to take a couple of pictures of me.  

I just noticed I spelled my blog name wrong on my picture.  
Here the machine was actually going and I am quilting.  

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Long Overdue Post

I have been meaning to write this for awhile but I get busy and I was sick so it didn't get done.  I decided today was the get it done day.  So be forward it is picture heavy!

I am starting with our new tree.  You can see the post of the first picture I took of it in 2010.  It was planted in 2009.  Every year I take a picture and I don't see any real growth.  This year it is different, I see some real growth.  We need it to shade the front of the house since it faces West.  

That little twig on the right is now our new tree.  So I guess I'll call the other tree our 2009 tree and this one the new one.  A Palo Verde Tree which is supposed to be full grown in 5 years.  I'll keep you posted.  It did get some yellow blooms on it this year.  I loved to see them in bloom but they are messy when they all fall off.  Here is a link to tell you more about the tree.

Christmas stocking update.  I have been working on this stocking for a long time and some nights I do six stitches and wonder why I bothered.  This last Saturday I had nowhere to go and I did some quilting on a friend's quilt and some stitching on Little Bit's stocking.  Bigger Bit wants to know when I will work on her stocking.  

I was thinking last night, "WOW I only have one more stitch to make and I can start the little angel in the middle."  
NOT so!  When I took my picture this morning I could see I still have the large flower on the right to make.  It felt good while it lasted.  

Now for the other project I have been working on.  This is the quilt I am quilting for a friend.  One of her friends made the top from her old Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts.  

I was given the honor of quilting it for her.  This picture is when I was pressing it.  It is 3 across and four rows down.

Here it is on the frame with the first pass completed.  I am just doing Loop de Loops with a star thrown in there every once in a while.  

First pass, such fun colors. 

Shortly after I passed the mid-way point I ran out of thread.  I was so happy that it waited until I finished the row I was working on, so I took a picture!  Perfect timing. 
Yes my buttons on my controller are taped down, they keep popping off.  At least this way I can't lose the tiny little things. 

And this is how far I have come, and I hope to finish it today or tomorrow.  Well I still have to put the binding on for her, since she isn't a quilter.  She is my scrapbooking and genealogy buddy. 

Well happy stitching!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Blocks for my EQ Design and Sew Class

In February I had my first EQ Design and Sew Class, my second one is tomorrow.  The first one was fun, I enjoyed it anyway and the students seemed to also.  
So here are the blocks for Class two.

EQ version

The real thing

EQ Version

The Real thing
EQ Version

The real thing,

I am not sure how to fix the monitor issue that makes all my pictures look so yellow, it bugs me.  I forget about it until I edit my pictures and post something.  Hopefully I will add it to Mr. B.'s honey do list soon.  

This last block was not hard to sew but figuring out how to cut the fabric to paper piece it was a bit of a challenge.  I just really like how it looks!
Well Happy Stitching I am off to bed!

Monday, March 16, 2015

I Have Been Busy

My scrapbooking friends went to the Scrapbooking Expo this weekend.  I wasn't able to go because Mr. B. was on call for his job as IT Desk Top Engineer for one of the hospital groups where we live.  Luckily I stayed home because he ended up working 8.5 hours on Saturday and someone has to watch over those cute girls. 
So I scrapbooked here at home by myself.  
I did do three pages from my Dad's old album but I won't show you those.  My big project I did was to redo the tabs on My Life binder.  

In my binder I have my life divided into decades, 1948, 1958, etc.  I think I am ready for the second binder.  The tabs I had were cute but too small and they were bent and won't stick on well.  So I made new ones.  You can see them here.  I used the We R Memory Keepers Tab Punch.  Plus a friend gave me a set of letter and number punches that I used for the numbers. 

Here is my first decade. I found these fun sheets of What Happened  In for each year.  I put a picture of me that I thought represented me for that decade.  

Here is the 1968 page.  On the back side I have a time line of what happened each year in that decade.  

Here is a close up of the tab.  
I found this fun pages at CKC Creations
I was surprised how long it took me to make these tabs, between finding the right color paper from my scrapes, punching those numbers, gluing those tiny number and making the tab.  I think it was worth it.  I am happy with the results.  

The other thing I did this week was load a second practice quilt on my frame and I am doing some more practicing.  Feeling more comfortable with the process and working out some details I forgot, like raising the front bars with the back bars.  

This one is pink and I purchased enough of the backing to have is pass the end of the quilt and backing making it easier to work with.  I am not sure why I didn't think to do this sooner with other practice quilts but it's is called live and learn.

Trying e's and circles. 

And last but not least is a picture of our cat Sugar in one of her favorite nap places.  This is our coffee table in the front room, with our life binders in them, well mine and the girls.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Frame Quilting

I am sure you all have forgotten I have a short arm quilting frame.  I hadn't forgotten I had one because I see it every day.  I just haven't touched it in three years.  I stopped using it the January before I retired.  I was just too tired to bother and I felt I'll be retired by next year so I can use it all I want then.  Little did I know that two little girls would come bouncing into my life and turn my world upside down and that I wouldn't find the time or energy to use it again for two more years. 

So on February 6th I loaded a practice quilt.  Just a yard of two fabrics and some batting.  My first past of stitching wasn't two bad and the second one looked better.  Than I had some issues when I tried to work from the back of the quilt.  My machine would freeze up.  I re-threaded it, and cleaned out the bobbin area and started up again and it has been fine since.  I think I had my bobbin in the bobbin case backwards.

Yesterday I finished my practice piece. 

I did a variety of patterns just to get my groove back.  I even did a couple of Pantograhs for the first time.  I find it hard to work from the back of the machine and it is really hard to follow those lines. I know no one follows those lines perfectly but I would like to get some where close.  I even have this one section that I completely missed quilting.  I must have rolled it up too soon.  

I like doing free motion but it was good for me to follow the pantographs to find a more open design.  I am going to buy fabric today to do a second practice quilt.  I have a quilt a friend wants me to quilt for her.  One of her friends made her a T-shirt quilt.  I want to do a good job.  So I am practicing!

Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Girls' Stockings

I have made some progress but it seems to be taking me a long time to make progress.  I need to have them done by September to have them made into the stockings  I don't do that, the needle point shop I goes to have a gal who does and excellent job.  She uses satin on the inside and a velveteen on the outside.  
I know it is only January but there are some nights when I actually only do 2 stitches and I just sit in a semi-coma.  
This was a busy week with dance lessons for both girls at different times, piano lesson for one girl, church Activity Days for both girls and allergy testing for both girls.  Little Bit has 17 different allergies and will begin shots on Feb 2nd.  After a few visits I will be able to give them myself.  What a relief that was.  Bigger Bit didn't react to the control so we have to go back.  I had given her Advil for her headaches and that acts like a anti-histamine so it blocks any reactions.  I don't think she has as many as Little Bit, so I will interested to see her results when we go back on Monday.  No one told me not to give her Advil.  Grr.  So you can see why I sit in a semi-coma sometimes.  

So anyway here are the pictures of the current progress!

Bigger Bit's Stocking

Little Bit's Stocking

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Working on a New Class

One of my students at the LQS I teach at, A Quilter's Oasis, asked for a class where we design blocks in Electric Quilt and than sew the blocks together and make a quilt.  I asked the owner and she thought it would be a good idea.  
Now, I have to admit with the Christmas holiday and all I kind of forgot about it for awhile.  But I was reminded and off I started to work on the class.  
First I need to speak to one of the other teachers who does a intermediate block class were the blocks are drafted on paper.  I didn't want to do the same block.  We had a lovely discussion. 
It took me a couple of days of deciding which blocks to use.  I kept finding fun blocks to draft.  I have 48 blocks in my project, so you can see I had fun drawing blocks.  I only needed 12.  
Last Friday the 16th I picked out my fabric and on Saturday I started sewing.  

So this is how the quilt looks in EQ (Electric Quilt software).
The fabrics were scanned into the program after I purchased them.  

Here are the six blocks I have done already.  The color is really off on the background fabric, it is a light lavender.  I think my camera does some crazy things. Plus every time I open my Photoshop Elements it tells me my monitor needs to reset but neither my husband who works in IT or I know how to do that.  I guess I need to make him do a Google search to learn how. 

Block above is Block and Bars.

Contrary Wife


Measure for Measure is the name I found for it,
I like Little Big Star.

I Had a Dream

Grannies Choice.  

I decided to add the scanned fabrics also so you can see the fabric better.  They look much better this way.  The third one down is the background fabric, no yellow in it.  The Peekaboo block when I downloaded it from my camera was a light red color.  I think it is time for a new camera. 

Well I need to call it a day!
Happy quilting, and have a great day!