Saturday, January 24, 2015

Girls' Stockings

I have made some progress but it seems to be taking me a long time to make progress.  I need to have them done by September to have them made into the stockings  I don't do that, the needle point shop I goes to have a gal who does and excellent job.  She uses satin on the inside and a velveteen on the outside.  
I know it is only January but there are some nights when I actually only do 2 stitches and I just sit in a semi-coma.  
This was a busy week with dance lessons for both girls at different times, piano lesson for one girl, church Activity Days for both girls and allergy testing for both girls.  Little Bit has 17 different allergies and will begin shots on Feb 2nd.  After a few visits I will be able to give them myself.  What a relief that was.  Bigger Bit didn't react to the control so we have to go back.  I had given her Advil for her headaches and that acts like a anti-histamine so it blocks any reactions.  I don't think she has as many as Little Bit, so I will interested to see her results when we go back on Monday.  No one told me not to give her Advil.  Grr.  So you can see why I sit in a semi-coma sometimes.  

So anyway here are the pictures of the current progress!

Bigger Bit's Stocking

Little Bit's Stocking

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Working on a New Class

One of my students at the LQS I teach at, A Quilter's Oasis, asked for a class where we design blocks in Electric Quilt and than sew the blocks together and make a quilt.  I asked the owner and she thought it would be a good idea.  
Now, I have to admit with the Christmas holiday and all I kind of forgot about it for awhile.  But I was reminded and off I started to work on the class.  
First I need to speak to one of the other teachers who does a intermediate block class were the blocks are drafted on paper.  I didn't want to do the same block.  We had a lovely discussion. 
It took me a couple of days of deciding which blocks to use.  I kept finding fun blocks to draft.  I have 48 blocks in my project, so you can see I had fun drawing blocks.  I only needed 12.  
Last Friday the 16th I picked out my fabric and on Saturday I started sewing.  

So this is how the quilt looks in EQ (Electric Quilt software).
The fabrics were scanned into the program after I purchased them.  

Here are the six blocks I have done already.  The color is really off on the background fabric, it is a light lavender.  I think my camera does some crazy things. Plus every time I open my Photoshop Elements it tells me my monitor needs to reset but neither my husband who works in IT or I know how to do that.  I guess I need to make him do a Google search to learn how. 

Block above is Block and Bars.

Contrary Wife


Measure for Measure is the name I found for it,
I like Little Big Star.

I Had a Dream

Grannies Choice.  

I decided to add the scanned fabrics also so you can see the fabric better.  They look much better this way.  The third one down is the background fabric, no yellow in it.  The Peekaboo block when I downloaded it from my camera was a light red color.  I think it is time for a new camera. 

Well I need to call it a day!
Happy quilting, and have a great day!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bullet Journal

I am not sure if you have heard of the Bullet Journal or not but I somehow tripped over it on Facebook.  I think someone posted it and I checked it out.  I like the idea and decided to try it. 

Here is the link to the website, Bullet Journal and a little video to watch how it is done. 

The reason why I wanted to try it was because I didn't feel I was using my free time, when the kids are in school to the best.  I wanted to accomplish more and see that I was accomplishing things.  I know my one big down fall is Facebook.  I see too many shiny objects and follow them.  I still have to work on that and I have deleted a few things I was following because they were too big of a distractions.  

I have been using the Bullet Journal since the end of august and quickly found some things I needed for it to work better for me.  

So here are some pictures to help you see what I have been using. 

I found this pretty notebook at Staples, I forget what it cost but it was under $10.00.  It also has a lot of pages.  I could fit it in the purse I was using at the time but I got a smaller purse for Christmas so it doesn't fit in my purse any more.  But it is easy to carry around.  Some people use Moleskin notebooks, the thin ones.  Personal choice and yes there are a ton of pictures 
and ideas on Pinterest. 

My inside cover, I wanted to mark some of my pages so they would be quick to find, and I am using my Washi tape for this.  It makes it quick to turn to the page I want.  Especially the Daily Task page, since I go there every day.  The above is one of my ideas.

This was think I was impressed with right away.  I have always wished I had an index to my journals but the idea of going back and indexing them is a nightmare.  But with this index you write it as you are living your life. 

This is one of my pages from my first week of using the journal.  I had a hard time keeping the day on one page and I was rewriting very day some of the things I wanted to do everyday, and that became a drag real fast.   I did find this fun set of pens in fun colors that I use with no rhyme or reason, just a color to match my mood.  I do rotate between all eight colors.  For December I used only red and green and I was very sick of red and green.

So for September my first full month of using the Bullet Journal I made a daily task list.  I tally how much water I drink here.  If I exercised or how many steps I took.  I check off if I study my scriptures.  Something I enjoy doing but don't always make time every day for it.  This has helped.  I also write a SI or Scriptural Insight to my scripture reading each day.  This has really helped me to pay closer attention to what I am readying, especially since I am reading the Old Testament.  Something like sewing, genealogy or scrapbooking, I am to choose from one of this things to do on a day, not all three of them.  My way of seeing that I do something I enjoy each day.

Just so you know I am not perfect and I missed doing this for a full two weeks.  Let me tell you I forgot to do things I needed to do for callings, or home.  

The left hand side is my list of long term projects like clean out and reorganize all the drawers.  I am doing Declutter 365 this year so I have already checked off the kitchen drawers!!
The right side is my weight chart.  I was making progress there until Thanksgiving came and I got sick and I stopped exercising and I was eating whatever.  I only gained 4 pounds, so no bad but a step backwards.  I am getting on track again!!

This is another change I made.  I didn't want to keep going back to my calender to see who had birthdays or what, so I made two pages with the months blocked off and special dates noted inside the box.  I am not much of an artist but I did a little drawing just to dress up the page.  

Another change I made was a page called the Week Of and it would start on Sunday and list the things I need to do that week that are different from other weeks.  Like get ready for a quilting class or if the girls have something special going on.  Plus the things I want to do weekly like Index on Family Search.  

The page on the left is a calendar page, what, where, we have to be on a given day.  The page on the right are the monthly tasks.  As things come up I can add to this page.  I am busy!! My Daily Checklist comes after these pages, as you can see by the tape on the top edge.

I don't usually decorate my pages but I did this page since it was the New Year.  I do save my ticket stubs and tape them in.  The bottom half of the page I use to write my SI or Scriptural Insight and my TM or Tender Mercy.  I write what some little thing that was a small or big blessing to myself or the family.  It has really helped me see the Lord's blessing our life.  
I also write other happenings of the day.  Sort of like a journal but not with a ton of space open to give you writers block.  :-) 
This might not be for everyone but I found this system works for me.  I am happier using this then some other calenders or planners I have used.  I have seen some out there that gals must spend hours doing and dressing up.  I don't have time for that.  I review what I finished at night and check it during the day to be sure I am not forgetting something.  I review it in the morning for that day.
It has helped me to accomplish more and feel like I am doing something.  I still have to watch out for my time wasters.  I am going to start using a timer to limit my time.    

Here is to a productive New Year. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Baby Steps is Done!

I have actually finished this little quilt!!
The last hold up was I couldn't find the binding fabric that came with the kit.  So after a the failed search for the original fabric, I had to search my collections of reds to find a fabric that matched.  
I first rejected the fabric I used as too shinny, it actually has a little shin to it.  But all the others didn't look good.  I even tried a black print but it didn't work either.  
I had no real reproduction fabric to preview either.  
So after consulting my preview with a couple of friends, I went with this red.  It looks great and I wonder what I was stressing over.  Do you do that also stress over a detail too small to really worry about?  No one will tell it isn't the same fabric as in the inner border.  And if they do they are the quilt police and I don't need them looking at my work!
Thanks Jane and Kellie for your input.

Happy Stitching 
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas and The Girls' Stocking Update

Hello!  I hope you all had a great Christmas!!
We had lots of fun here.
The girls wanted to catch Santa on camera, to show he was really hear!  Thanks to some friends who loaned us the Santa suit. I won't tell you how many takes it took to get this selfie on a new phone.

Mommy Kissing Santa

Santa leaving the Red Wagon that was on Bigger Bit's wish list.  It was one of those gifts she dreamed of, she will be too old for it soon.  But I felt it was a dream we could make come true.

Now for the stockings! 
Here is the progress on Little Bit's stocking and now it is waiting for more work. I am doing between 10 - 14 rows on each girls than going to the next stocking.

Here is Bigger Bit's Stocking, the one I am working on now. 

Once I get the flowers for the center pot I will move on to Little Bit's stocking.  It is looking good!  They get so interesting as you add more details.  

The picture I took of all the family stockings stuffed and lined up on Christmas Eve didn't come out very clear.  
But you will get an idea.  

The two green stockings on the end were made by a friend of mine the first Christmas the girls were here, 2012.  So very thoughtful of her.  I am not sure where the white and red one came from but we use it for their big sister.  She is here every week to see the girls, and she told the girls we are like adopted parents to her also.  So she has a stocking but I am not making her one like the rest.

Well I need to run and get ready to take the girls to a park,  

Have a great start to the New Year and Happy Stitching!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Girls' Stocking Update

Well I am making slow and steady progress.  The first update was on October 19, 2014.  They are both happy that they each have a little bit done on their stockings.  I sure don't stitch as fast as I use to.  I have to use the magnifying glass all the time and the chair in the TV room is too deep for me to sit in and stitch.  So I turn the chair to see my chart on my end table and to be under the lamp and sit on the edge of the chair.  So if I want to see what is on TV I turn towards the TV.  I waste too much time see what is on TV.  Well they are for next year. 

Here is the progress on Bigger Bit's Stocking.  She thinks those are the cutest ducks she has ever seen. When I finished the top line of the center pot I almost had a heart attach the curves didn't end over the duck right, it was off by one space.  So I finished working from the other side and I was off on that side also.  After looking at the pattern with the magnifying glass I was able to fine my mistake and luckily it was an easy fix.  I just needed to take out the top row which was only stitched going one way and not tied off.  I needed to add two stitches to the row below it, and two on the top row and it came out perfect.  I had nightmares that I would have to take the whole pot but I knew my bottom was correct.  

Here is Little Bits section that is finished.  It looks crooked because it is on the frame crooked.  The stitching is straight.  I replaced it in the frame four times and I can't get it any better than it is.  It was worst when I first started, so this is better.  I am not sure I like the light grey color here, it is almost too light.  I just don't know what I would place there.  I'll leave for now and see if it grows on me.  For what ever reason this pattern did not have center marked on the pattern for top and sides.  So I started at the top of the design.  I should have started a little lower on my fabric, I don't like working so close to the top of the fabric.  I was just too lazy to count to find the centers.  That paper grid is small for these old eyes. 
I am so looking forward to more color on this stocking.  
Her name comes next.

Happy Stitching

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

To you and yours!
May your day be filled with family, friends, love, happiness, health and a feeling of gratitude for all your blessings.

It was six years ago today that I started my blog.  I have enjoyed the journey and the wonderful people I have meet here.  Thanks for your friendship and support through the years.  
I may not post as often as I once did, but that is only because I have those two wonderful girls that keep me busy and happy.  I have some posts ideas in my brain but I haven't worked them up yet.  Until I do, take care and be happy!

Happy Stitching
Happy Scrapbooking
Happy Life

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comfort Blankets

For the girls when they were Baptized I made them each their own comfort blanket.  Bigger Bit like horses so her blanket has horses on it and Little Bit likes pink and Minnie Mouse and that is what she has.  

I started them a few days before the Baptism and had them done enough for the Baptism that they didn't fall a part.  I applied the satin binding on later and finished them both by October 24th.  
I have been wanting to write this blog post since then.  
See how far behind I am.  

The one side is white minky and the other is the fabric.  I just put the two layers together, wrong side together and cross hatched between the dots on the minky.  

I presented the blankets to the girls towards the end of my talk on the Holy Ghost, who is our "Comforter".  The idea is to use the blanket when they need to feel comfort.  The girls have used them a lot, at least a couple of times a week.  They use them if they wake up from a scary dream, or feel sad or mad.  I always say a pray with them to help them link prayer to peace from the Lord.  
These are not everyday quilts or blankets, they are special and both girls keep they folded up when not in use.  They also want me to come in and take the comfort blanket off before I go to bed.
They do work and in a few short minutes they are back to sleep or feel better.  It is really the prayer that is working but that physical comfort of a blanket is nice also. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Little Christmas Gifts

We all need a simple little gift Christmas for someone.  Last year some one sent me these cute little envelops for Hot Chocolate.  So this year I made some with my scrapbooking friends.  Then today I made some more using my Kiwi Lane Design Templates. 
It is a fun little project.

The one on the left is the one I received last year, the one in the middle is the one I made last Saturday and the one on the right is the one I made with the Kiwi Lane Design Templates. 
The spoon is held on with glue dots.  I decided on my one with the candy cane and ginger bread man to just tuck the spoon inside the envelope with the Hot Chocolate packet. 

I used a regular business envelop and cut it in half, after sealing it shut.  You could also use fancy envelops, or colored ones.  
Next I cut a half circle so the packet is easy to pull out. 

Here I scanned the packet in so you could see it better without the spoon. 

For the paper around the envelope I cut a strip 9" x 4", scored it and wrapped it around the envelope.  

Here are the spots I scored at, from the left edge, 
this is the back of the paper.  I scored at 3 7/8", 
4 1/8" and 1" at the end.  
I am sure you don't have to do it the same, this worked for me.  

Then decorate the front as you would like.  I purchased these 
Tiny Traditions template set when they first came out this fall, 
so I wanted to play with them. 

Picture of templates contained in the Tiny Traditions Tiny Accessory Set

Have fun!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Christmas Stockings for the Girls

I have been wanting to make the girls Christmas stockings that match the rest of the family.  I thought I did a post with all of the family stockings but I can't find it so I guess I didn't.  Something to add to the to do list.  Here is a picture of some of them. 

Four of the family stockings.
Now that the adoption is final I have started the stockings.  They will not be ready for Christmas this year.  I decided to do both of them at the same time, because no one wants to be the last one.  I am thinking I will do ten lines at a time on each one.  It is going to take me a long time. 

Close up of Bigger Bit's stocking.
I haven't even made it to the end of one line yet.  This is a week's worth of work.  Mind you I don't work on it everyday. The duck, I guess it is a duck, still needs legs and beak.  
Yes, this is on linen over two threads.  

I let them pick out their own stockings, like everyone else did.  They are by Mary Beale

Bigger Bit's stocking.
Little Bit's stocking
These images are from Mary Beale's website. 

Bigger Bit likes horses so, she has the one with the donkey.  Little Bit likes pink, so she wants the one with pink flowers.