Monday, December 26, 2011

EQ7 Symmetry Tutorial

After following Judy over at Virtual Quilter I feel a little inspired.  Now I don't want to design a quilt a day but maybe a quilt a week.  With some of my designs I might even make a little tutorial.  So here is the first one.  I also don't want to copy her designs but want to do my own, there maybe some similarities because lets face it a Log Cabin quilt is a Log Cabin quilt. I am doing this to challenge myself to play in EQ7 every week. 

My first design is one I present in each of my Beginner's EQ7 classes.  It is one of my "Let Me Dazzle You Tricks".  I show this and another trick so they can go home and dazzle someone.  It is easy and fun. 

First you draw a 9 patch block and draw a diagonal line through the block.  Next you color it with two high contrast colors.  I actually saw a quilt made with this block by the daughter of the LQS owner many years ago. I have forgotten how she arranged her blocks on the quilt but it did leave an impression.

Just like this one!
That was easy.  Now you take that block and set it in a 4 x 4 block quilt layout.  No sashings, and don't even worry about borders now. 

That was easy! Now for the dazzle part.
Click on the Symmetry icon.

Take your cursor that now looks like the Symmetry Icon, and hold down the Ctrl (Control) Key and click the mouse.  The Control key with the Symmetry icon allows you  to change all the blocks in the quilt at the same time. The last time I used this tools I came up with 22 versions of the quilt. 

Variation 1
Tips to make it work well, your block needs to be asymmetrical in it's appearance, so a log cabin block will work well also.  High contrast colors work well also.

Variation 6

I am only going to show you two variations but like I said I counted 22.  
Now go try it yourself!  Have fun and post a comment if you have a question. 

Happy Stitching and EQing!!

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