Sunday, September 27, 2020

Week What??

I really don't know what week it is. I took a ton of weeks off.  
I did some scrapbooking and I was also sick and I didn't want to work on it sick. Plus getting the girls ready for online school and then in person for 2 days a week. 
And celebrating two birthdays, they are now 17 and 15.
So here are the latest and great pictures.

Between July 26 and Sept 21, I finished the second snowman and started filling in the snowbank. I also made the little bird. 

This is close up of the bird, he was supposed to be white but I could hardly see him on the background, so I used one thread of red and one of brown to make him more noticeable. I like him!

I made a mistake on the cat. So sad. So frustrating. The tail is right, the white chest is right and the red scarf is right but there is a mistake in his body. Off by one thread. Grrrrr

So I went back to the snowbank and the snowflakes under the border. 

This was my progress by Friday night on the 25th of September. 
Now to pick out part of the cat, hopefully, I can save the parts that are right. The goal right now is to have it finished by the 10th of October to take it into the shop to have both stockings made into stockings. 

Until next time! Happy Stitching! 

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