Friday, March 14, 2014

In Addition...

In addition to my accomplishments in the last post I have been doing some teaching.  It feels good to have full classes
and excited students.  My Twister class went very well.  I
learned a few things that will make the next class go smoother. 
My next class I will do the same wreath pattern but with flag fabric.  I saw one done on Pinterest but the pattern was a little different.  I didn't realize that until mine was almost done.  No matter, I am going to make it work. 
Here it is with a border preview.  I am going with the flag fabric.  I am also thinking of doing the waste border before this final border but I need to finish constructing the center and than make the waste border before I decide.  The tan border does nothing for the center.  I saw the same wreath pattern done in Halloween fabric but I think for a fall class I will do the Witch's Hat I did a couple of years ago.  The wreath pattern is a nice size because the center is done when class is done.  The teacher needs some variety.  
You can see that Witch's hat here.
My other class that was full was a Beginner's EQ7 Class.  Another bunch of excited ladies but they were on brain overload by the time I finished with the 3 hour class.  They are so excited about learning more about EQ7 they want my Beyond the Basics Class in May. 
I teach at a LQS, A Quilter's Oasis.
On February 7th I went to the AQS Quilt Show that was in Phoenix.  I went with my lovely friend Lorene, we meet through our blogs and when we realized we were both local we meet and became friends.  We had a lovely time.  It was a nice show but I get a little overwhelmed with the masterful art quilt and the fancy quilting.  The truth is I will never be that kind of quilter.  I just wished in shows they had another category for professional quilters but not the super professional quilters if you know what I mean. 
There were some fun vendors and I picked up a few new tools.  I have plenty of fabric and I am trying to buy for projects only and I don't need any more books or patterns.  Well I did buy one pattern. 
The first tool is called The Strip Stick.  It helps press those seams that are close together.  I used it on my new pattern and I was very pleased with it.  Short narrow strips, 1" wide.  Here it is in action.
Here I pressed the seams open but you can do them closed also.  Here is the back of the project I used it on.  It worked very well for this.  I used it on a bigger project, the center of the flag twister but I wasn't as comfortable with it in that size project.  I am sure I need a little practice with it.  This product is reasonably priced compared to others I have seen.  I purchased the middle size.
 I also purchased their Seams Sew Fast - Quilt Strip Piecing Guide.  It didn't work well with the 4" x 1" strips I was working with but I will try it when I do wider strips.  I like the concept.  The other tool I haven't used yet but I will review it when I use it. 
So the pattern kit I purchased is called Baby Steps from
The Red Button Company.  They have some really cute patterns, and many are kits.  There was a generous amount of fabric, I have left over sashing and squares. And the tiny buttons are just so cute!

So here it is.  I have started the embroidery. 
Those squares are 1/2" square.  I haven't worked with anything this small in a while.  I did the mini Square strips about a week after the show.  This week I constructed the rest and started the embroidery.  I had to brush up on my embroidery stitches.  I am only doing the chain stitch and a daisy stitch.  It is so cute.  I can see this done in 30's fabric.  I have enjoyed doing the handwork at night while watching TV with Mr. B. 
Well I think that makes up to date. I hope all is well with you and yours. 
Yesterday the 13th we celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversary! 
Here is a post I wrote on our 17th Anniversary part 1 and part 2.
And let me tell you the adventure continues.  There will be
some big news later this year but I will keep it under raps
for a little longer. We had a quite celebration of left overs and balloons and flowers.
I love the Maxine balloon.
is a woman's reward for putting up with men.
Mr. B. knows I love my chocolate. 

Sweet and Simple!
Happy Stitching, Scrapbooking and just plan old living!

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