Friday, March 13, 2009

Our 17th Wedding Anniversary

Friday the 13th of March 1992, 17 years ago we were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple. So today is also Friday the 13, we always think it is special when our anniversary lands on a Friday. I had plans to post a couple of our wedding pictures and one of us today. Here is one of my favorite ones of us. I also have this picture in a little heart shaped frame I keep on my desk. She how much younger we were. I was 44 & Richard was 37. I know, I robbed the cradle.

The other favorite one I have is at work in a frame hanging on my cubical wall. I thought I had another copy of it here but I can't find it. My other favorite picture is of us with Richard's kids at our open house (reception). They were so cute. I'll add it Monday after work.

We were going to go out to dinner to celebrate but I had a cold all week and Richard now has it and was miserable by this evening. So we stayed home and had Chinese take out. Works for me. So no now pictures.

That first year was so stressful for me, can you imagine being single for so long and then to have 4 other people move into my space! It was a challenge and fun. The kids moved in about 5 months after we had been married. We lived in a two bedroom town house, a big 920 sq feet. The boys sleep in the hide away bed in the living room. Kierra had the small bedroom and I gave her my tall dresser for her cloths and put my cloths from the dresser in a file cabinet I took from her room and put it in my closet. The boys have fun memories of going to sleep while I studied for a national Oncology Nursing certification on the computer.
The next February we moved into the house we are in now. It seemed so large after that town house.

It has been an adventure, my husband told me before we married he would add adventure to my life, he sure did! I would do it all over again! He is a keeper and a good guy.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

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mrsquilt said...

What a beautiful entry about your anniversary! Congratulations on 17 years together and I hope you will be just as happy together after another 17 years!