Thursday, June 28, 2012

It Has Been an EQ Week

I decided to prepare this EQ tutorial to make a custom quilt. I originally designed this quilt back in 2007. I had this Laurel Birch fabric for a couple of years and I just didn’t want to cut the fabric into small pieces. So I did some designing in EQ and this is the results. Unfortunately with one of my computer crashes these files were lost and I decided to re-create it and make a tutorial out of the quilt.

When working on a custom quilt and all the blocks are just plain blocks, I like to set my coloring block preference to one. From File menu go to Preference > Project Properties > General > Block Coloring. I also like to do this if I have multiple colors of any one block. This will make finding the different colorings of the same block a lot easier. I always vote for easy.

The next step is to determine the size of your custom quilt.  I strongly suggest that while on the Quilt Worktable you go to the Quilt Menu to Quilt Worktable Options to Layout Options and check the box, “Don’t resize content of layers when resizing quilt”.  This is so if you want to maintain the block size, like 6” square but you have to resize the size of the quilt your blocks will remain 6” square.  Ask me how I know this little step is a great time saver. 

 The custom size of this quilt is 46” x 69”.
Another setting that will make your life a lot easier when working on a Custom Quilt is to check these two boxes on the Quilt Worktable Options under snap settings.  It sure makes lining up boxes on the custom quilt a lot easier.  The blocks almost fall or snap right into place. 

Now you have to make some plain blocks in your sketchbook.  Plain just means not pieced.  There are two ways to do this.  The first way is to go the block work table and color the blank block there and then add it to the Sketchbook.    Each time you save it to the Sketchbook you will receive an alert.  Keep blank block in Sketchbook? OK, just click on Yes.

You can also open your Sketchbook and right click in the empty area and add a plain block but then you have to edit it to color it. 

So now all you have to do is add your blocks to your custom quilt layout.

I use the adjust tool and precision bar to help resize and position the blocks.  The Adjust Tool changes the size and postion on the quilt of each block. It activates the blocks so it can be manupulated.
Precision Bar:  When you read this, it means the top left cornor of the quilt is the zero and zero location.  My highlighted block is at 21” from the top left corner and it is 20” long by 6” high.

As you move across your quilt the location increases by the size of the previous block.  So my highlighted block is 21” from the top left corner and zero inches from the top.  The same math applies as you move down the side of the quilt.  Just keep adding blocks until your top is complete.
This is my original layout but since I had more fabric left over I added another row.  This quilt was made with fat quarters and maybe had a half yard of some of the fabrics.  It came about because I didn’t want to cut the large prints into small pieces.  I tried to enter this design in an EQ Club challenge but my file was too big because of all the scanned fabric.  Here the fabric scanned and saved pretty much to scale.
I added borders, since I couldn’t decide which fabric I liked better I used two colors and made 9 Patch blocks for the corner with the colors swapping out locations to give the quilt a little more interest. 

I had a hard with the name of this quilt I started with Mystic Horse, a Tile Quilt, some where along the wa I changed it to Mystical Horses. 
Here is the final quilt!

I hope you try to design a custom set quilt.
Have lot of EQ fun!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Sewing Weekend

I sure enjoy the weekends I have when I don't have to go anywhere or have a long list of errands to do. I this weekend was one of those weekends.  I enjoy sewing in my sewing room in the morning.  My room is at the front of the house that faces West.  When I sew in the morning I open my blinds and I enjoy looking out.  Here is my machine all ready to go.  Maybe one of these days I'll have someone take a picture of me at my machine. 

While I was busy having fun sewing the boys, Mr. B and out son Klint were busy finishing the new bookcase in the Master bedroom.  It is an odd size space but I think this is the best use of the space.  Of course I need to unload all the boxes of books. 
Of course I worked on my witch's hat.  I finished all the rows and added the two borders.  That outer border is a directional print and I did get the spiders upside down on one of the long sides and I had to do some frog stitching.  :-(  I don't like frog stitching.  But all's well that ends well.  That stripped fabric on the left is for my binding.

I also had fun today teaching my friend in Florida how to use EQ7.  We use Skype.  I point my camera at my computer screen and she points her camera at her screen when she finishes drawing what ever we are working on.  It is a lot a fun and we get together every other week or so.  I love technology!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I Have Been Up To

I have spent the last few days working on my guest blogger article for Electric Quilt.  It took me almost four weeks to come up with an idea.  My first thought was to write about how to learn EQ but that didn't feel right.  So I let it just roll around in my head.  Finally on Sunday night the idea came to me to write about some of the fun things I have done in EQ. 

So when I receive the link to the article I will share it here.  Some of the things I wrote about are handouts, custom borders and labels.  I just sent it off tonight so I'll be curious to know what they think.

A couple of new improvements in the house, my new design wall is up in my sewing room.  See I even made a couple of rows progress on my Twisted Hat.

Here is a close up of the hat. It sure is turning out cute, if I do say so myself.

 Mr. B is building a new book case in the master bedroom in this alcove we had that is only 28 inches wide.  It is going to be very nice when it is completed.

 Well it is time for bed, tomorrow is a work day.

Happy Stitching and Happy EQ Playing!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Always Have Your Signature

When I was reading Karen's Blog post about adding a signature, she mentioned that she just adds it each time she posts.  That does work but I going to show you how to add it to your settings and save it there so it automatically appears in the new blog post.  Now I will admit there is a little HTML involved, but you don't have to write it you only have to copy and paste it.  If you have been using computers for any length of time you know how to copy and past. 

See my picture below?  It was added by clicking on the picture icon above and inserting it.  I saved it as a .jpg file first.

Double Clicking will take you to a larger picture

 If you look closely you will notice on the left you are on the tab called compose, next to it is the tab HTML.  Click on that tab and you will see the code for the picture.  Now the best time to do that is when you haven't added any text or other pictures.  If you wait until you have other text and pictures you will have a hard time finding the code for that picture. 

My screen shot below shows the HTML code for my signature only.  Taken before I added the other picture and text. 

You just highlight all that text and copy it.  That is easy, you can go back to the compose tab.  You can go ahead and leave that page, save your draft before you leave.  Click on the name of your blog up on the top left, this will take you to the Set Up page or what used to be known as the dashboard of your blog.  Down the left hand side click on settings, than Posts and Comments.  On the window that opens click on Post Template in the block paste your HTML code you just copied into the box.  Be sure to save the settings!!

OK that wasn't so painful was it?  Now every time you start a new post your signature will automatically appear on your post.

Have fun!

Playing and Learning

I love to learn and try new things.  Last night when I couldn't sleep I was catching up on some blog reading.  I visited Sew Many Ways by Karen and she had this post on creating a blog signature.  So I was reading the instructions and went to play in Photoshop.  I also had to call a friend who has used Photoshop for a couple of years to ask how o combine pictures. This is the first time I played with layers and I accidentally tilted it but boy do I like it. 

In case you are wondering that is the same block I have on my header and my blog background.  Just in bolder colors.  I call it Sun Gate.  I learned how to make this block in a class from Fran Gonzalez at Quilt University

If you want to see another cute blog signature check out Connie's Blog, she has a cat and a river in her signature.  Her kitties are always on her quilts.

I will have to do some more playing but now I need to clean my home.

Have a fun day and go learn or try something new!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sewing Has Resumed

Yes you read that right!  Yesterday (Saturday) I found some time after my EQ class to think about sewing.  So I cut fabric for the Halloween Twister pattern. 

First Time Playing with Fabric After Remodel

This is how much I accomplished on Saturday.  Noticed my enlarged pattern.  The pattern pictures was so small it is hard to read and follow.  I drafted it in EQ and had a larger easier pattern to follow. 

With two borders on

Today (Sunday) I was able to assemble and almost the complete top.  I just need to add the top & bottom border.  Then I get to cut it all over again and sew it back together again.  It's fun! 

One of my friends stopped by today to see the remodel and she saw my little spool lights hanging over my sewing table and she said they are so me! 

My Spool Lights

Saturday, June 2, 2012

An Exciting Email

About two weeks ago I received this exciting email below.  Let me tell you it made my day!

Hi Mary,

I am Sarah Shriver with the Electric Quilt Company. I have two questions for you today! I wondered if we might list your “My EQ Tutorials” Page on our new website coming in a few months. We just link to bloggers pages where they keep great EQ tutorials and we love yours. Would that be okay?

Also, I am looking for a few guest bloggers to post on a new blog coming in a few months. I was wondering if you would like to be one of them? I think your knowledge of EQ would make a great blog post. It can be ANYTHING you want so long as it is EQ7 related. Could be an explorative article, interview, lesson, alternative uses, WHATEVER! I think you would be great at drawing tutorials. We would like back to your site and provide a mini bio as well where you can promote your website or products.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to have final content by end of June so I can prepare everything. Also, I’d love to make this a regular thing if you’d like to contribute content every few month (I’d love it to be even more often!). Just send it to me and I’ll get it posted!

All the best,
Sarah Shriver

Needless to say I have been racking my brain for something good to write about. I have my bio written, I think I need a new picture.  I have been thinking about writing something about how to learn EQ.  It doesn't thrill me but so far it is the only thing that comes to mind.  I should take Sarah's suggestion and do a drawing tutorial. I need some inspiration soon!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Yes we have been busy remodeling at our home!

Master Bath Before
The good news is we are almost done!  We removed all the popcorn ceilings from our four bedrooms, painted and had new carpet installed.  We also installed a new tub, tub surround, tile floor and vanity and counter top in the master bath.

New Master Bath
Above look at that old linoleum floor.  We have been in the house 19 years and I am sick of it.  I am thrilled with the results and glad to be getting my home back to normal.  We are down to the putting things away and a little de-junking.  I love the new updated look of the bathroom.

Sewing Room Before
One of the funny things that happened is I told Mr. B. to take a couple of boxes to DI (Deseret Industries).  Somehow he didn't follow up with the instruction. This was a few weeks before we started the remodeling.  I think we even asked a son to do this while we were in Miami on vacation.  They ended up in the garage and then back into the house.  Oh well, all is well that ends well.  We will donate them soon. 
Sewing Room Before
See the old mauve carpet, also not a favorite color of mine. The new carpet is called Wild Blueberry it is a blue grey and I love it.

Sewing Room Almost Done

Sewing Room Almost Done

We still have some things to do like hang up my design wall.  You can see the insulation sitting on my big board waiting to be hung. 

Basically the big furniture is laid out in the same directions.
I removed the file cabinet and some plastic drawers I had and replaced them with two book cases.  I like them better.  The room feels more open and I have more space for things that weren't fitting in my closet any more.  As you can tell by the top of my cutting table I still have lots of little things to put away.  Also notice the absence of the sewing machine.  I think it will go in tomorrow. 

So know you know why I haven't posted and sewing pictures i haven't been sewing.  I have been working on EQ 7 lessons.  They are kind of hard to post.