Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just a quick post Electric Quilt has updated their website announcing EQ7 and the pricing. Go check it out!
I'll post more when I return home from work. I just took a quick break to do this. I'm ordering mine today!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Electric Quilt 7 is Coming!

As many of you know I have been using Electric Quilt software for many years. What you might not know it has been since version 4, and a friend had 3 that I played with on her computer. The news is out version 7 is coming. When EQ updates there software it is always a big event, each version has been a major improvement over the previous version.

EQ will be updating there website soon check it out here.

Here is some information:
Quilts, Blocks and now PHOTOS!

Digital cameras will become a quilter's best friend. EQ7 has dozens of ways to turn everyday photos into quilt art images. Or crop and edit scanned fabrics right in EQ7 in minutes. And that's just the start!

New Activation Policy

You'll never run out of EQ7 activations! Activation and deactivation is as easy as two clicks of the mouse. Install on as many computers as you like and quickly transfer activations from computer to computer. This new policy gives you complete freedom to manage your own activations — and no dongle to worry about!

Easier than ever for new users

EQ7 is the most user-friendly full-featured quilting software yet.
Complete user manual
22 printable full-color PDF lessons (115 pages)
Point-and-read info on each tool – now linked directly to Help topics
10 videos targeted for beginners
67 “How do I?” topics: printable stepped-out instructions for doing everything from printing English paper-piecing templates to drawing a New York Beauty
Built-in Help buttons are everywhere, targeted to the task you're doing
New block tools for creating original blocks instantly without drawing
Blocks size themselves – just drag and drop on the quilt
Includes tons of user-requested new features

Exactly the same friendly interface, plus loads of new user-requested features:

5000 copyright-free blocks
5000 new scanned fabrics, plus grayscale textures
120 new pre-designed quilt layouts
Snap blocks to a Quilt grid
Instant border blocks with greatly expanded Auto Borders
Print multiple photos on fabric
Create original fabric designs from photos, then print on fabric
Mirror and use myriad symmetries on photos
Use dozens of artistic effects, making everyday photos look like watercolors or Impressionist paintings
79 new features in all

Netbook compatible

Works on netbooks as well as laptops and desktop computers.

System Requirements: ELECTRIC QUILT 7

Minimum system requirements: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 (32 or 64 bit), Internet access, 750 MB of available hard-disk space, CD-ROM drive. Netbook compatible. Internet required for activation, deactivation, and periodic validations.

Recommended: Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater, Adobe® Reader®, sound card for demo videos.

Activation: Internet access is required for activation and deactivation. Unlimited installations. Activations can be easily transferred between computers. Two (2) computers may be simultaneously active.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stocking Update

I'm making this a Christmas stocking update only, since I haven't sewed a thing in weeks. I'm pleased with the progress I'm making on the stocking. You can look here for the last update on the stocking. You see I have made progress!

I didn't like the tan they suggested for the angel's wings, so I tried white, well I could hardly see the flat white so I tried a metallic white, I'm not sure I like that either. Which angel's wing do you like the one on the left that is metallic white or the one on the right that is tan??? Please leave a comment and let me know.
You can double click on the picture to make it larger.

Thank you all you faithful followers for stopping by!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man Cave Update

It seems like it has been a long time since I have had anything to report on the man cave. That is because the man hasn't been working on the cave. Today he decided to dig the trench for the pipes the wiring will be passed though. So the main electric box is on the opposite side of the house on the side by the front. He rented this cool machine that made the trench. Here is the trench going across the back yard. Our orange tree is fenced in to keep the goats from eating the tree. But the darn animals won't eat the weeds.

Here it is down the side of the house. It was a little muddier here so they had trouble with the machine and had to revert to a pick ax. The power boxes are just on the other side of that fence. The wood in the top picture is to cover the pipes that exit the man cave.

Next week he moves on to the pipe and the wiring.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tree Update

When we first purchased our home we had two Eucalyptus trees out front. The were tall and messy always dropping branches and limbs. After we had a new roof placed on the house in 2004 we cut the trees down in 2005. This is the house with the two trees in front as we were getting the new roof. As you can see the one tree is very tall and all we needed was it to drop a limb onto the house, like a hole in the head.

I remember the day well,when I came home from work and pulled into the drive way I thought I was at the wrong house. A friend from church cut them down for us as a service project. I keep thinking my house doesn't look right, this can't be the right house, but the number is right and the street is right. That is how different it looked.

We had to wait 3 to 5 years before we could plant a new tree to allow time for the roots to break up. So last March we planted this little tree. I had decided to mark it's growth each year. Believe me there were times during the summer I wasn't sure it was going to make it. But as you can see a year later it is doing fine. My husband deep waters it like he should.

You might also notice I have a second rose bush also. It's so small next to my white rose bush. I wish I could grow gardenias and Lilies of the Valley. My two favorite flowers more than roses, but roses grow good here in AZ.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Quilting Update

Well this is really a cross stitch update. I made a lot of progress on Will's Christmas stocking. That is what I did while listening to General Conference this weekend. Plus the computer was down. It's amazing what you can accomplish when the computer is down. If you look at last week's picture you can see all the progress I made. It feels good!!
It also fun when the row ends right at the opposite end!

I did make two Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks. I took Picasa off my computer. I haven't decided if I'll put it back on. I miss the collage feature. I have to spend about a week getting all these photos organized. I had them all organized an picasa reorganized them. Now to decide on a photo editing product. But not tonight, I need to go to bed.