Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quilting Update

I was able to do some sewing this week. I finally finished joining the last two pinwheel borders for the Washington Medallion Quilt. This is a good feeling. I'm not sure when I'll find the time to do the floating borders. Floating borders are a pain. It has been a good learning experience.

I also made two Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks. These were on the easy side. I had planned to make four but I was watching a movie and it slowed down my production. I was watching Mrs. Brown. Interesting but a little confusing.

Today I received a fun photo in my email today. I made this little quilt to cover a window in our daughter's window by her front door. She sent me a picture of it finally hanging up. Read this post to see what I had designed for her in EQ6.

I did do some stitching on Will's Christmas stocking. Slow progress but steady!!

Print Friendly Button

Do you ever come across a post or a tutorial in some one's blog and wish they had a print friendly button. Thomas posted about the site where it can be found. Go check it out. Print Friendly Button

I have added it too both my blogs, not because I have anything that exciting to print. I just like fun stuff!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilting Update

After another busy week of work, coming home tired almost everyday, stress is a bummer. I did manage to find time to sew two blocks, these blocks are 6" finished.
I'm still spending a lot of time at the computer organizing files, I scanned in 50 plus pictures and documents on the last Sunday of February and I'm still labeling them all. I would recommend scan a few then label. I'm also spending time doing web searches and indexing on Family Search. Plus a viewing, a funeral, out of town cousins, dinner with them, breakfast with them, which was just great. Man I'm making myself tired again.

I was able to find some time to do some stitching on the big Christmas project, Will's stocking, I do that while watching my new favorite shows, The Generations Project on BYU and Who Do You Think You Are?, it's on one of the big 3, I think it's NBC. I tried to take a picture of this last night but the battery was dead in the camera. I was a little surprised it was dead, I hadn't used it that much and it is a new camera with a new battery. I'll have to watch it.

Well it's time to go to work. Have a good day!

Good Bye Uncle Bobbie

Well this has really been a hard and sad time in our family lately. On Friday the 19th we said good by to Uncle Bobbie. I was just thinking I don't remember when I first meet him, since he lives here in Mesa, I'm sure it was at my wedding to Richard or just before. Once you have meet Uncle Bobbie you don't forget him. In a word he was a character. He was funny, he lightened up the party, he had jokes and stories to tell, he had hugs and kisses for all the kids and all the girls of any age. Bear hugs for all the guys. He loved music and could play any song with lots of gusto. He had a way of making you feel special.
He children and two granddaughters did a special job at the funeral. Two of the sons did a medley of old time religion type hymns accompanied by guitar sung in a very country and western style because that is the way Uncle Bobbie would have liked it. His granddaughter who have wonder voices sang Be Still My Soul which was enough to move anyone to tears.
As much as we miss him here, I'm sure he is up in Heaven harmonizing with his sister Polly and his brother Bill (Richard's Dad), they liked to do that a lot here on earth, so I'm sure that hasn't changed.
Good Bye Uncle Bobbie, until we meet again!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quilt Show

My description of the quilt and the card that hung by my quilt.

I went Thursday night after work to see my quilts hanging in a show. I first went down a row of vendors and after I turned the corner I could see about 4 rows back my BOO it's Halloween Quilt. After I walked down that row and turned that corner I saw my other quilt, also on the end. It was fun to see them. I was so tired Thursday night I could hardly stand but I was determined to see them. Today I went back with several friends to see the show. Since I was better rested I could enjoy the show more. It was very crowded today but Thursday night was nice not a lot of people around.

After Richard & I went to a movie this afternoon I went back to pick up my quilts. I had to deliver my quilts in a plastic bag and I picked them up in the same bags. Inside the bag were my evaluations of my quilts by the judges, a thank you note and a label to sew on to my quilts. I have scanned them all for you to see.

This is the evaluation for the BOO it's Halloween. The judges missed that this was a group quilt, a block swap, so ignore the comments about the piecing and applique, since I didn't do that part. I couldn't believe there was one loose thread the the judges found that. I don't think it need additional quilting. The style seems to be to quilt it heavy, I don't like heavy quilting.

My quilt description on the card that hung by my quilt. Do you know how hard it is to describe a quilt in 50 words????

Here I am by my Dear Jane Christmas quilt. On this evaluation they also missed it was a group quilt. I do agree this quilt needs a little more quilting maybe in the ditch around the blocks or on some of the blocks. They also liked my alternating sashing and the shape of the quilt. So my two favorite things about this quilt were also liked by the judges.

Quilt Show Thank You note.

Quilt Show label printed on fabric.
It was a good experience and I might do it again if I ever find time to quilt again. The quilt show was very well organized.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An update

This is from my EQ6 class down at Cutting Edge Quiltworks, my LQS. These pictures are not posed, they are actually helping each other and very engaged. I have taught many EQ6 classes but I think this one was one of the best. It is always fun to see students begin to understand a new concept and to have fun. Plus it is such a great program they get all excited to see what it can do.

They want me to work up an advanced class, so I guess I better get on the stick. I have been so busy lately that I feel almost out of control. I'm trying to be balanced and not over do, because we all know what happens when you over do. So I feel like I'm only chipping away at things but that is better than nothing.

Here is the progress I made on Will's stocking. Can you see how much I have done!! Two lines of stitching is better than none. Opps I forgot I was suppose to go to the right with this picture! I'm not changing it now.

And last but not least here is my progress on my pin wheel borders. This will make two 20 block borders. Getting closer.

The big accomplishment for the week was to sew on two hanging sleeves and two labels on two quilts for the Arizona Quilter's Guild show Friday the 12 & Saturday the 13th at the Mesa Convention Center. I knew one quilt had made it into the show so I sewed the sleeve last Saturday night and the label on Sunday. I had returned home from delivering the quilt to the drop off person and I had visited with a friend. The phone rings and it is the quilt coordinator who asks were is my other quilt. I said I have never received the paper work on it and I thought it wasn't chosen to be in the show. It was and if I could get it down to the Mesa Convention Center I could have it in the show. I asked for a couple of hours to sew the hanging sleeve on and a label. I had it down there and was back home in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Record time. I did not turn on the TV or anything to keep distractions to a minimum. I spoke with a friend on the phone just to keep me company. Sorry no pictures of the sleeves or labels. What a relief you think. Watch for pictures of the quilts at the show next weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will's Stocking

I have made a Counter Cross Stitch Christmas stocking for each of us in our family. When Klint married Krystal I made on for her and now I'm making one for Kierra's husband Will. Here is the first picture. I did most of this between Friday night & Saturday morning in the hotel in San Diego and Sunday watching my saved Faces of America. I only had about 7 stitches done before I left here.
Next week I'll get more of a close up.
I did no sewing this week at all.

Good Bye Aunt Polly

On Feb 14 Richard's Aunt Polly left this world and went on to the next stage of her eternal life. As her obit by her daughter Betty said she is now waltzing with her husband Paul and with her two sons again. She had a service in Sandy Utah on Saturday the 20th. On Saturday the 27th there was a funeral & burial in San Diego CA, where she lived for all of her adult life except for the last 7 years. Richard & I travel to San Diego on Friday to be there for the family. It was a very nice funeral. There were two tables full of pictures from her life, they were wonderful to see. Everyone of them had a wonderful smile, which she was glad to share. It had been raining a lot in San Diego and I guess the family plan was the sun had to be shining for the burial. Guess what the sun came out long enough for the burial. As a testimony of the kind of person she was the chapel was full on a wet and cold San Diego day and she hadn't lived there for 7 years.

When Richard & I married we went on our honeymoon to CA, we went to Hollywood and San Diego and many other place. We visited his aunt and that was the first time I meet her. She was warm and friendly and I liked her right off the bat. We always loved to see her when she came to AZ which was almost every year.
Aunt Polly you will be missed.