Monday, September 7, 2009

It is so hard.. be a talented artistic type person and live with or know others who have no artistic anything.
Our daughter Kierra has a window in the living room by the front door. I offered to make a little quilt for it, to cover it, since she has it covered with a plastic bag. Her colors are black and red. I took pictures of my stash of black & red, I draw up a quick little bargello quilt in EQ6. I sent her the pictures and this is what she wants. Double Click on it to see the larger imagine.

I tell this to my husband who has no understanding as to why I would call this the ugliest quilt I will ever make. He also told me I should cut it up and sew it back together again as if it would have had different colors. Of course I'm thinking he is a little off his rocker with this idea. He thinks I don't get it because I won't cut it up and sew it together like a quilt.
So since this what the kid wants that is what she will get, I'll quilt it with a straight lines cross hatching and call it done. It will service it's purpose to cover a window and she will know I care because I made her something how she wants and likes.
Meanwhile I will know she could have had something nicer and I did my best...

Here is how it would look in black & gray. As well as the black & red version.

I guess that is why they make 31 flavors of ice cream we all have different tastes.

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Kim said...

That is kinda funny but I'm right there with you. I love what you did and it would look so darling in her window but, we have to let go and do what they prefer. Right? Yes, that would be right. I'm sure she'll appreciate your efforts. At least you don't have to put a lot of work into it. It's just going to fade over time.