Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well we have a very nice Christmas. We started last evening at Tom & Judy's house, that is Richard's oldest sister. They had three of their daughters present, and the grand kids and one great grand kid. We had dinner first and then Tom presented all the kids with a little present. It is so fun to watch the little kids and how excited they get over the little things. This was the first year some of the kids received money that was a hit also.
Once home again, I finished wrapping the presents and did some sewing for the finial gift. Off to bed at 1 AM.
Today I went to the front room to turn on the Christmas lights and saw the stocking hanger had finally given out, the one side of the arms was broken. Good thing I can buy a dowel for cheap.

I finished sewing the binding on the quilt. I did cheat and sewed both sides by machine. It was done before the recipient was even out of bed!! That works for me! Krystal did like it.
All the gifts I gave were well received and where right on. Our youngest son really surprised us with some very thoughtful gifts. A digital coin counter jar for my husband, who does save coins. A Jim Shore dachshund figurine for Kierra & her boyfriend Will. His parents have a dachshund. A Jim Shore horse for Krystal & Klint, they own a horse and she has a collection of horse and a lamb for me, for my collection. It is so fun when kids do such personalized gifts.
We had brunch and the new omelet baked dish was liked by all, except I didn't have any Tabasco sauce.
We all went over to Will & Kierra's home. They just closed on it on Monday. Yesterday on their day off they spent the day painting the kitchen. It is exciting for them and we are excited for them. It is a big step in life.
I'll add some pictures in slide shows.

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