Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Those Teenagers

On November 16th we celebrated out 6th anniversary of the girls coming to live with us and my retirement. 
What growth experience and I must stay the Lord has helped me a lot to care for them. He has blessed with strengthen, energy when I need it, words of wisdom when I needed them, patience even when I don't feel like it. Grateful for the experience, even if it wasn't what I had planned. I will be glad when they realize what we have done for them. Right now we are public enemy #1. 
I guess that means we are doing a good job as parents. 

This picture was taken in February and this is Bigger Bit. 
Age 14.5 Now 15.

This is Little Bit, she didn't want to take a picture on the day I wanted, so here we in March.  Age 12.5. now 13.

Thankfully they are good girls, one is a mouthy and will push the edge of the envelop so she is in trouble a lot. The other one is very helpful and is seldom in trouble. One works hard at school and the other one doesn't. One is always having drama with friends and one is not. One doesn't want to go do things but has a good time when she does, the other wants to go, go, go. 
They are as opposite as day is from night. 
They do keep me busy.
Well off to enjoy my me time while they are in school. 

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