Saturday, March 17, 2018

Second Project

After I finished the pillowcases I started a project I have had for a couple of years and I felt like it was calling to me to make it. 

Here are the fabrics and the pattern, all laid out for me to press and cut the next day. I started cutting on March 1st, 2018.

These little sticker dots came in handy to label the fabrics. I won them at a Get-R-Done meeting. I added a third brown, I didn't want the same color touching each other like the pattern had. 

Close up of the pattern. This is a twister pattern.

Here it is all sewn together before the twisting started.

Here it is with five rows twisted. I just think the twisting gives it so much more texture and interest to the fabrics. 

One night I made a rookie mistake and cut out a square to twist with my twister tool upside down. 
Which made my pinwheel backwards.
Luckily for me me it was the first block on the row, so I only had to ripe out two blocks and some of the border to fix it.

This was how I fixed it at first. I was trying to be lazy. But as you can see I needed about 1/8" more fabric. I did some more ripping.

And fixed it correctly. I was then able to continue without any difficulty. Luckily I no more cutting mistakes. I did make a sewing mistake. I reversed two pairs of blocks in one row towards the bottom, and my pinwheels didn't match up. Luckily I found while I was pining the row to the next row, so I quickly ripped those blocks out and turned them around.

I am going to do something with all these scraps. 

So last night 3/16/2018 I had the top constructed.

I love all the texture in the wreath.

The name of the pattern is Twister Harvest Wreath, I purchased the kit from

Happy Sewing!!

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