Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Our Home

At the end of February we have been our home for 23 years.  In March we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. 
Needless to say our home has undergone some changes during that time.  Four years ago we had a big remodel.  I have been seeing pictures on my Memories on Facebook.  On one of my pictures the caption said, new paint for the soon to be guest room.  Little did I know in April that by November my guest room 
would house two little girls.

So Mr. B doesn't want to park on the street any more because, the second night we owned the new to us van someone came and broke his window.  So he has been parking behind me in the drive way. I park in the garage.  So it is a pain, to have to pull out his van if I need to leave before him in the morning.  So he is taking down the side yard and leveling it so he can pull in and park on the side of the garage.  The way he talks this will be a long process. 

So the first steps were to remove the bricks.  Our big boys helped him put them in and Bigger Bit helped him take them down. Our poor mail box is leaning against the wall and is very wobbly. 

Next someone with some kind of machine, (Back Hoe, I just asked Mr. B, what it was.) I had forgotten what kind. I wasn't here when it happened, removed the side wall and leveled off the dirt.  

The third step is a truck full of tree chippings to fill it in. That came yesterday morning and he parked there last night.  

Yes it is a two car garage but with a big son's broken motorcycle in it and four bikes and extra stuff there is no room for two vehicles. 

The street view.  Yes I can get out if I need to.

In the future, he wants to remove and rebuild the wall on the side and fix the mail box, nice like our neighbors and pave the area. Don't hold your breath hubby takes a while to do things.

In November of 2014 we planted a stick of a Palo Verde tree in our front yard.  I received the tree for attending a free class on how to reduce electricity use in our homes by planting shade trees.  I earned two of them, but the one in the back died. 

Here it is in March of 2015.  We were excited it had survived winter and it actually bloomed.  As you can 
see it is still a pit of a twig.

Here it is this year.  We thought we had lost it last summer because Mr. B whacked it with the edge trimmer.  I wasn't sure it was OK until I saw it bloom this year.  I was so happy to see this.  As you can see it is more than a twig.  It is suppose to be full grown in 5 to 6 years.  We have had it about 18 months. 

The only problem with trees that bloom, is the blooms fall off.  Here is one on the ground, it won't be a big problem now but when it is full grown it will be like yellow snow all over the ground. 
It is my second favorite tree in Arizona. 
My favorite is a Jacaranda.

Have a great day!

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