Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Christmas Stocking Update!

I haven't done a stocking update since last July.  I have been working on Little Bits stocking on and off since then.  I stopped all together when fall came because I knew they weren't going to get done, so no sense in stressing over them.  

Here is a picture of where I left off in July.

Here is how her stocking looks now. 

As you can see I have done a lot.  When I made the stocking for the other kids I would take pictures weekly but now I want to take pictures when I get a section done.  So it always seem like a long time until I see progress being made. 
She is loving it! And she is happy with all the pink I put in for another color that was used.  Because she loves pink.

I am going to show you what progress I have made on Bigger Bit's stocking since I am taking photos.  The last time I worked on her stocking was in May. 

Here is how it look last May.

Here it is now, I have only been working on it for about a month.

It is rolled up on the frame I am using.  There is a mistake some place in that donkey, but I am not going to fix it. 

Happy Stitching!!

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