Thursday, April 21, 2016

Balloon Heart Quilt

I found this pattern a couple of years ago and I finally found the time to work on it. I hoped to have it done by Valentine's Day but I made it by the end of March.  It is still pinned to my design wall, so I can enjoy it for a little while.

I did this a little different, I quilted it first. 
I did not follow the instructions at all.  
One I wasn't going to hand applique, two I wasn't going to work with thread going from each heart to the basket and then quilt it.  

Lucky for me I had the perfect color of variegated thread here at the house. I love King Tut thread, and so does my machine. 
I use So Fine or bottom line in the bobbin. 

I just did my wave meandering, since I wanted the effort 
of clouds in the background.

Here it is with all the hearts on.

From here I sewed on the sleeve and finished the binding. Once all that was done I added the thread to each heart to the basket.  The first gold thread I picked was a little too thin.  Plus in a couple of places I pulled it so tight it bunched up the quilt. I tried thin ribbon but I couldn't pull it through the quilt and I didn't want to glue it down.  Luckily I found some thicker thread in my closet. 

Here it is, I am so happy with how it turned out.  If you look closely you can almost see the gold thread. Double click the image to see it bigger.

Here is a close up!

I finished this on the day of March, so that is one quilt 
done for each month of the year so far! 3 for 3!!