Friday, February 5, 2016

Now For Some Quilting

Yes I have actually been doing some sewing.  
Actually it turned out to be a lot. 
This project turned out bigger than I thought it was but I am so happy with the end results.  I must admit at one point I was ready to chuck it all.  

It is a Twister Easter Bunny and a class sample. I was in a rush to get it done for Meet and Greet at the shop but I didn't make it. 

All the fabrics except for the background fabric. I had to cut 409, 3.5" squares.

Then sew them together and add a border, so I can cut it apart again and sew it together again!

Here the bunny is about half twisted. 

See how much small it becomes. 

Some were around row 21 one I realized I was missing a piece.  
I almost cried. 

That is where it should go!

I was so relieved I found it.  It had been hiding in that pile of blue waste squares.  I am planning on making a small bunny out of those left over waste squares.

Here is the backside of the bunny, yup there are a lot of seams.  This is one of the few projects where I press my seams open.  
The mini clover iron helps a lot. 

The bunny is still on my frame here, I had just finished the quilting. Before I arrived at this point I had basted it and was quilting it on my table top machine.  The quilting was pure ugly.  The fabric had started to bunch up and wasn't laying flat.  So I spent three hours ripping out the quilting and decided to quilt it on my frame.  
I am so glad I did!! It turned out so much better!!

A close up of the quilting.  I actually changed the thread three times on this project, the first time I had done that on a frame quilt.  

I was so happy to have it all done!  The binding was on the sleeve was on!  Than I realized I didn't do the whiskers.  Luckily I noticed they weren't on before I took it to the quilt shop to hang up as a class sample. 

Now he is done, with his little whiskers!!

This little guy kept me busy! Now on to other stuff. 

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