Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Report on Christmas Eve

We let the girls open one present on Christmas Eve.  
Last year it was PJs and they thought that is what they were getting. 

But no it was Christmas shirts!! Thrilled can you tell.

Little Bit placed all the stockings out to make it easier for Santa to load them up.

Of course the girls made cookies for Santa and even left a lollipop and some eggnog. 

Our straw collection to make a nice manger for the Baby Jesus by doing good deeds was in good shape.

Little Bit wanted an Elf on a Shelf and she made a special home for him.  This cranky old Santa was having nothing to so with Elf on the Shelf.  She is very creative.  Elf would have had a bed, a pillow to sit on and his picture on the wall. 

And here is her letter she left for Santa.  Bigger Bit told me she doesn't believe in Santa because one of her bigger sisters told her there was no Santa and she hasn't believed all the time she has lived her but she pretended for Little Bit, so she could still believe.  She is such a good Big Sister.  

This is my responds.
I worried about how she would take this, because she didn't get either of these gifts.  The next morning the first thing she said to me was, "Santa left me a note and I cried when he talked about you because you are a good Mom." So she was set for the day. 
What a Relief!!  Playing Santa can get hard. 

Little Bit had a hard time going to sleep and 
still was awake at 1 AM. The little stinker.

PS: Little Bit did get her Samantha like doll, her Nana gave her a gift certificate to Target and she picked out a doll from there that she named Samantha, and has the dark hair.  She was happy. 

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