Thursday, February 4, 2016

Christmas Day

Slow but sure I am making up for lost time.  

After all the excitement, I had an interesting moment with Little Bit who is age 10.  While opening the gifts, she said the writing on the gifts looks like Mary's writing.  Later she walks into my bedroom closet and saw this years wrapping paper on the floor. So she asked me why did Santa leave the paper on the floor.  So I said because he leaves the left over paper at the house after leaving the gifts.  
Then she said to me, how come the cookies where gone last night but the presents weren't here yet? Probably because we had the cookies and then went next door to get the bike we had hidden in a neighbors garage. She was having a hard time getting to sleep and we were having a hard time playing Santa. 
So do you see where I am going with this.  I am thinking she has pieced together there is no Santa.  I mean she figured out three things.  So she asked me is there really a Santa, so I am thinking, she is ready to know the truth, and I am running out of answers to questions and I am getting tired of all this hiding.  She tells me she is ready then I tell her that Mr. B. and I are Santa.  
Wrong Answer! she didn't have it figured out as well as I thought.  She was devastated and tried to get another gift out of me for ruining Santa for her.  I tried to invite her to the big girl's club of being Santa' helper but that didn't work real well.  
I felt terrible.  Here I have continued the tradition of being told too young that there was no Santa, that their birth family had, that I didn't know about.  The birth mom told the Biggest sister there was no Santa at age 8.  I am not sure when the teen sister found out but she told Bigger Bit when she was 8 there was no Santa.  It seems amazing that Little Bit made it to 10 without knowing.  I was 10 when I figured it out.  I recognized my Mom's hand writing. 
Luckily this took place after all the festivities because both Little Bit and Mr. B. weren't real happy with me. 

Look at my Little Precious Bit looking so longing at the tree and gifts.

Bigger Bit was excited to see her new bike, in her favorite color. 

Ready, Set, Go as Mr. B. Starts passing out the gifts.

I didn't take any pictures of opening gifts because I also had a gift almost the same as the kids.  I had gifted myself some small stuff to go with my big gift from Mr. B. 

Afterwards, what a mess! A Happy Mess!

Playing and visiting with Big sister.

Going for the first bike ride! Notice the matching helmet!

The girl's Biggest sister came over and spent the whole day with us.  Lots of fun.  Aren't these girls just beautiful. That Bigger Bit is getting so darn cute and growing up. 

The three of us, I am not too sure what Little Bit 
is doing here, other than signing or laughing.  

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