Monday, November 16, 2015

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago we were asked to take these two darling girls into our home. We thought it would be for a short time but it turned out to be forever. 

These first pictures are from my retirement dinner.  I left work at 130 PM and we had them by 330 PM.  My good friends had a dinner planned for me and we took the  girls with us. This is Little Bit. 

This is Bigger Bit.  We went to the 
Spaghetti Factory and we took the Light Rail to the restaurant. 

Here I am at my retirement dinner with my lovely Retired pin. I went right from work to being a Stay At Home Mom. Not what I had planned.  Heaven Father had a different plan, I am so glad I accepted it. The day before this dinner our former sister in law called me on my cell and left me a message, asking me to take her grand-babies. They had been with her best friend for three weeks but her friend couldn't care for them any longer. So I called Mr. B and asked if he had spoken to Nancy and he had.  We walked about what to do.  I had that feeling in my heart, deep down, when you know this is a cross road in your life. I knew I needed to do this and it was important and I had better not pass up important.  

This is Little Bit in the new dress I purchased for her so she could have a dress for Sunday. I need to take a picture in it now, to see how short it is on her

This is Bigger Bit in her new Sunday dress.  It was long her then I bet it will be just right now.  

 This is a close up of Bigger Bit now.  She is so lovely and helpful.  She is a born organized person and I love to watch her just get things done.  The opposite of me and Little Bit. 
 She always wants to stand on her toes to be as tall as I am. 

Here is Little Bit hasn't she grown?!?!?!?  She is catching up with her sister.  She is very creative and not into details. 
 These girls are as opposite as day and night. The night they moved in Little Bit took my face in her hand and told me I was just perfect.  Just melted my heart.  She still does and she can drive me crazy just as fast.
It sure hasn't been easy, I have never doubted this was the right thing to do.  It isn't easy that is for sure.  I sure gets lots of hugs and kisses and that helps make it worth while. 
They accuse me of getting cranky sometimes at bedtime when they won't settle down.  I remind them, "When you get cranky putting your kids down, and you are twenty something or thirty something, just remember I was sixty something."

Here I am with Mr. B up at Snowbowl AZ. He is also a part of this endeavor. I think he feels left out a lot. 

Happy 3rd Anniversary to new kids and retirement!

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