Saturday, November 14, 2015

Design and Sew

Once the room was all clean I started making those last three blocks of my Design and Sew quilt.  I design this class for the EQ students at my LQS.  (Electric Quilt, quilting design software).  I taught them how to draw the blocks in the software and then we were going to sew the blocks.  I sewed as we went.  Some of my students were winter visitors, and once they started to leave the locals only wanted to design and not sew.  
So I changed the class to fit their needs. 

Here is the first block I made in EQ, Tinted Chains.

Here it is in fabric. 

The next block was Ocean Waves.

My fabric pictures turn out better when I take them in the daylight.  They are't so yellow. 

The last one, American Beauty.

Here is the other visitor I have had in my room.  

I rearranged of the blocks three time.  I think this is what I like but I am going to leave it on the design wall for a little longer just to make sure. 

I am thinking about trying to teach this class in the next year.  
I just might only do the design part. 

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