Friday, November 13, 2015

All Clean Again!

Well it took me a month but my sewing room is all clean again.  I didn't work on it every day.  I have even sewed in it for the last three days.  Boy does that feel good.  I have two bad habits that make it hard for me to keep my room clean.  I don't put things away when I am done and I am a piler.  I make piles on flat surfaces.  What does a sewing room have, three flat surfaces. 

Here are the results.

It feels good!

One of the first I did is change out my hall design wall.
I took down my Dear Jane borders and placed my Design and Sew blocks on the design wall.  It is the next projecting I want to finish.

Here are the 9 blocks I had done and I realized I only had three more to go.  For some reason I thought there were more to make. 

Bigger Bit was in my sewing room last night while I was sewing and she told me, my room was so cool and she wants it.  She likes my spool of threads lights.  

Little Bit was in the night before last and had to make a little fall decoration for her bedroom.  

Tonight both girls have a friend over for a sleep over the little girls are watching movie in my sewing room.  

Suddenly my room is a very popular place. 

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