Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why I Am not Sewing!

Well I think it has been four weeks if not five since I have sewn.  
I think I found out the reason why!

It is called Creative Explosion!! 

In case you don't believe it, here is the proof!

Yup this is the sewing room all torn up.  Looking for fabric for 56 plain triangles for the border of a Dear Jane Quilt, 
will create an explosion of fabric!

Look at the floor can you tell I was ripping paper out 
of paper pieced blocks. I miss the garbage can half the time.

Cutting table all cluttered.

Even the sewing table is a mess!
See those pretty fall fabrics, I am resisting starting on that project, because I know I won't get it done this fall so why try!

I have started cleaning and putting away but I still have more work to do.  I found all the fabric I will use for the last four triangles and the one corner that I still need to make for my Dear Jane.
That was part of the clean up, so hopefully I won't get this much explosion soon.

Here are the pictures of the last fabrics chosen for the triangles and corner.  All kitted with their cutting guide or templates. I have to put her away again so I can get another project done for a class sample.  One has priorities. 


my Heritage Happens said...

I love it! I am not the only one! I however have to many different "hobbies" which relate many messes...everywhere.

Mary said...

Cheryl I am sure we can find lots of good company in this department.