Sunday, August 30, 2015

Progress on Projects

Do you ever get those feelings, of I can't move on to this or the next project until I finish or get so far on such and such.  Well that is were I have been with the Pink Princess.  I am not always sure if that means I am stalling on starting the next project or if that means the current project just needs to be done.  
Today I finally finished added the last borders and once I did that I was able to pull out what is left to do on my Dear Jane. 

So here is my Pink Princess.  I like how it looks. 

I cut the borders wrong, I cut two strips 4" and two 3.5 inches.   My plan was for 3.5" all the way around.  I just couldn't cut the 4" ones down so I left them at 4".  I put them on the top and bottom since a longer quilt never hurt and I knew I was going to have add on to the side borders and I had one piece left over that would give me two 3.5" pieces.  

When I added on the extra pieces for the side borders, one of the pieces had the words below, Her Royal Majesty, and one of my side borders did also.  So one border has that on it three times.  
It looks like I have a thread to clip.

The other side has Adorable on it in three places. It was so cute I was thinking about changing the name of the quilt to Adorable.  
I am going to quilt this on my frame.

So after this I pulled out all my DJ stuff, except for the backing, and binding.

I went through all my triangles to see which ones are missing, I need to make four and I need to make 2 corners. 
I am not sure why I stopped so close to the end.  I think I got a little intimidated by constructing the borders and 
having it all fit together. 

Here is center of the quilt has it has been since, 2002 or 2003.

Is is part of the top row. 

The other part of the top row.

The bottom row of triangles, all of the pieced triangles are done. 

Left side and right side triangles, each border is missing two triangles. One triangle on the right side border is missing a little triangle, but I think I left it off since the print I had used was cool by itself, as it has a large flower right in the center. I might leave it that way.  After all it is my quilt. 

I have to pick out fabric for all those plain triangles.  Grrrr 

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