Monday, June 22, 2015

Stitch Witch Progress

Well Thursday was my day!  I was at the Project Get RR Done meeting.  Since the project for the month was done, my name was entered into a drawing for a small prize, and I won it!  The prize was neon dots to label rows of blocks.  

Then we had the drawing for the next month project to be done for July, one gal asked for number 3 I asked for number 2.  Guess what number was drawn, yup number 2. Since I was already working on #2 and it need to be done by the 26th of July for the shop Meet and Greet, I was very happy.  

I checked my phone while at the group and my husband sent 
me an email and said to my wonderful wife in it.  
How sweet, he is a keeper. 

So here is project #2 The Stick Witch.

Here are all the fabric squares for the top half of the witch 
fused on and ready to sew the rows together.

Here she is with the horizontal rows sewed together.

And now the vertical rows.

Now the bottom half has all the fabric squares and just checking to be sure the colors are correct on the bottom and top rows. 

Reading instructions can be helpful, I found these instructions for this pattern a little lacking.  One tip I missed when I did the top was to stitch every other row.  I did it on the bottom and it really made it easier to press and sew.  After I sewed three rows I noticed I had my direction of seams messed up, so I had to do some ripping and I decided to press them in the right direction.  I found this helpful and did it for the rest of the bottom.  It also helped pressing the whole thing easier.  At least I learn from my mistakes. 

Top and bottom joined!
Now to sandwich and quilt her than do all the 
embellishments and close her up and put her on her tube. 

I am thinking of making this a two session class.  
Now to work out all the details and what homework 
the students need to do before each class.  
There are 280 black 1 3/8" squares in this witch!  

Happy Stitching!!!

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mrsquilt said...

Love your witch and the colors are awesome!