Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stocking Woes and a Good Finish

I was making excellent progress on Bigger Bit's Stocking. Doesn't it look great!!

Until, I noticed I was off by two lousy stitches. 
Do you see that H at the end, hanging pass the line under it.  

Maybe the picture below will help you see my problem.  

I started my solid line at the edge of the flower below it and not from the base of the pot.  See red lines on the sides.  Because I started the solid line wrong, I started the letters wrong.  

Ask me if I am a happy camper.  

Un-stitching is in my future.  The gold line also has two different colors of gold in it.  GRrrrrrr
I hate making mistakes.  

The good news is....
I finished my friend's quilt and she really likes it!!

Here it is all finished.  Do you see Little Bit's foot hanging out.  Kids and a draped item and they have to get under it.  Notice the lump on the right?  That is Bigger Bit sitting under the quilt. 

Close up of the binding,  

My favorite T-Shirt.  Fun project and I am glad I am using my frame again.  I don't think I could build a business quilting for others it is too stressful.  An occasional friend is fine. 

Happy Stitching!!!

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