Friday, March 6, 2015

Frame Quilting

I am sure you all have forgotten I have a short arm quilting frame.  I hadn't forgotten I had one because I see it every day.  I just haven't touched it in three years.  I stopped using it the January before I retired.  I was just too tired to bother and I felt I'll be retired by next year so I can use it all I want then.  Little did I know that two little girls would come bouncing into my life and turn my world upside down and that I wouldn't find the time or energy to use it again for two more years. 

So on February 6th I loaded a practice quilt.  Just a yard of two fabrics and some batting.  My first past of stitching wasn't two bad and the second one looked better.  Than I had some issues when I tried to work from the back of the quilt.  My machine would freeze up.  I re-threaded it, and cleaned out the bobbin area and started up again and it has been fine since.  I think I had my bobbin in the bobbin case backwards.

Yesterday I finished my practice piece. 

I did a variety of patterns just to get my groove back.  I even did a couple of Pantograhs for the first time.  I find it hard to work from the back of the machine and it is really hard to follow those lines. I know no one follows those lines perfectly but I would like to get some where close.  I even have this one section that I completely missed quilting.  I must have rolled it up too soon.  

I like doing free motion but it was good for me to follow the pantographs to find a more open design.  I am going to buy fabric today to do a second practice quilt.  I have a quilt a friend wants me to quilt for her.  One of her friends made her a T-shirt quilt.  I want to do a good job.  So I am practicing!

Happy Stitching!!

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Kamarah said...

Wow you have all kinds of cool gadgets on your blog! I will have to take a lesson from you!