Saturday, January 24, 2015

Girls' Stockings

I have made some progress but it seems to be taking me a long time to make progress.  I need to have them done by September to have them made into the stockings  I don't do that, the needle point shop I goes to have a gal who does and excellent job.  She uses satin on the inside and a velveteen on the outside.  
I know it is only January but there are some nights when I actually only do 2 stitches and I just sit in a semi-coma.  
This was a busy week with dance lessons for both girls at different times, piano lesson for one girl, church Activity Days for both girls and allergy testing for both girls.  Little Bit has 17 different allergies and will begin shots on Feb 2nd.  After a few visits I will be able to give them myself.  What a relief that was.  Bigger Bit didn't react to the control so we have to go back.  I had given her Advil for her headaches and that acts like a anti-histamine so it blocks any reactions.  I don't think she has as many as Little Bit, so I will interested to see her results when we go back on Monday.  No one told me not to give her Advil.  Grr.  So you can see why I sit in a semi-coma sometimes.  

So anyway here are the pictures of the current progress!

Bigger Bit's Stocking

Little Bit's Stocking

Happy Stitching!!

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