Friday, November 21, 2014

Little Christmas Gifts

We all need a simple little gift Christmas for someone.  Last year some one sent me these cute little envelops for Hot Chocolate.  So this year I made some with my scrapbooking friends.  Then today I made some more using my Kiwi Lane Design Templates. 
It is a fun little project.

The one on the left is the one I received last year, the one in the middle is the one I made last Saturday and the one on the right is the one I made with the Kiwi Lane Design Templates. 
The spoon is held on with glue dots.  I decided on my one with the candy cane and ginger bread man to just tuck the spoon inside the envelope with the Hot Chocolate packet. 

I used a regular business envelop and cut it in half, after sealing it shut.  You could also use fancy envelops, or colored ones.  
Next I cut a half circle so the packet is easy to pull out. 

Here I scanned the packet in so you could see it better without the spoon. 

For the paper around the envelope I cut a strip 9" x 4", scored it and wrapped it around the envelope.  

Here are the spots I scored at, from the left edge, 
this is the back of the paper.  I scored at 3 7/8", 
4 1/8" and 1" at the end.  
I am sure you don't have to do it the same, this worked for me.  

Then decorate the front as you would like.  I purchased these 
Tiny Traditions template set when they first came out this fall, 
so I wanted to play with them. 

Picture of templates contained in the Tiny Traditions Tiny Accessory Set

Have fun!  

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mrsquilt said...

These are super cute Mary!