Friday, October 3, 2014

A Special Event!

On Saturday the 27th of September we had a very special event.  
The girls were Baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was a beautiful, spirit filled occasion.  There was a major out pouring of love and support from family, 
ward members and friends.  

The Saturday before the Baptism, September the 20th,  we purchased their dresses for both girls and white shoes for Bigger Bit.  We got them all dolled up in their dresses and went to the Mesa Temple grounds and took some pictures of them in there new white dresses.  When I first saw then in their dresses at home, I just teared up, they looked so sweet.  I wanted to use the picture as an invitation to the Baptism for the girls to pass out.  

This is actually the picture I used for their invitation.  It was the first one I took. At first they weren't standing real close but when I told them they are sisters, act like you love each other, this is what I was able to capture. They were so sweet together.  

In front of the Christus statue in the visitors center.

They are sitting on towels to keep the dresses clean. I wanted the yellow flowers between them.  I might have taken more pictures but we were all hot!

I love to see the temple I am going there some day.
I have a few more pictures but I won't bore you with more.
We also took three of their friends which made the time my special.

Saturday the 27th.

Before we left home.

The four of us at church.

Before with the Elders.

This was a very special day for us.  The spirit was so strong that even Mr. B had tears in his eyes.  Their Cousin Tim gave the talk on Baptism.  He is 3 months younger than Bigger Bit and has autism.  He did a good job.  I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  I focused more on His role as the Comforter and to help the girls remember that quality I made them each a special "Comforter".  It has white minky on one side and a fabric they like on the other.  Horses for Bigger Bit and Minnie Mouse for Little Bit.  I told them to use it when they were sad, lonely or had questions to ask  Heaven Father.  They have used them a few times already.
I was working on the second one at 5 AM the morning of the Baptism.  I know I was running behind.  
Actually they aren't finished yet.  I had them stitched enough to keep the two layers together and I still have to put a binding on.  
No one noticed they weren't finished. 

The Primary room was full, there were more than 55 chairs set up and we were told this was the most people they had ever seen at a Baptism.  That is what I call support.

After with the Elders.

Elder G wanted the girls to give Elder B a hard time, this is what we got.  They are such hams and Elder B is one of the easiest going people I have ever meet. 

More attitude!

Afterwards we had a luncheon at our home.  Now I am not much of an entertainer.  The things we do for those we love.  There was standing room only in our home.  I have never had that many people in our home.  Some were even waiting at the door as I drove up.  There were many helping hands and lots of treats brought to share.  We supplied the sub sandwiches, pickles, olives and the lemonade, our friends helped with the chips homemade salsa, brownies and cookies.  Yummy.  
Bigger Bit came up to me and told me there were too many people in the house and she couldn't wait for them to leave.  She is my reserved girl.  Little Bit ducked into the laundry room to open her gifts before everyone left.  

When I think about last Saturday I still tear up a little when I think of how special it was and how much love and support we received.
We have truly been blessed. 

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Lorene Holbrook said...

oh Mary, wish I could have been there. Our granddaughters baptism was wonderful too. so exciting seeing these kiddos making life changing choices...