Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quilting is Done

The quilting is done on Baby Steps!!  
I did in the ditch in the center and did some big stitch quilting in the border.  I wanted to go around that vine but the presser foot was scrapping some of the color off of the buttons.  Since I am not a real hand quilting, I just had fun.  

Too bad the quilting doesn't show but it really makes those center rows with the vine and buttons pop.  

Here is a close up of the hand quilting.

I might do the inside of the vine also, just to give it a little more definition.  

You have seen me mention the mini quilts I have been adding sleeves on the back.  Here is one for August I just finished.  I should do September's now also, since this one is so late getting done.  Only four more to complete. 

Yes I had a piece of the backing still available to make the sleeve.  

This is the front I finished it in Aug of 2009. 

Some of my quilting friends are in Show Low at 
Quilting on the Rim, for a quilting retreat.  
I went with them in 2012 but now that I have the girls I can't go.  I wish them fun, relaxation and lots of good sewing.  I know the food will be great and it will be cooler than here in Phoenix. 

Well Happy Stitching!!

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