Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Binding on Mr. B.'s Quilt

The binding is on Mr. B.'s quilt and I am 3/4's done with sewing it down by hand!  It won't be too much longer and this will be done!!
Here is the binding, you can also see the front and the back. 
Yes, my hubby loves Red, White and Blue, this is his second quilt I made for him in these colors.

At the AQS show that was here in Phoenix in February I picked up some of these binder clips that a lot of my friends were raving about.  I have to admit they are a lot better than the ones shaped like hair clips. Part of me thinks they shouldn't make a difference.  They lay flatter and so the binding is flatter.  I don't seem to re-align the binding like I did with the other clips.  My favorite part is they work well on the corners. I used to pin them and of course the pin would stick me.  Not any more.   These hold the corners just fine.  Do you need to run out and buy them, no, but if you are treating yourself to a little something go for it.  I only use 5 at a time.

Yes, I have added more buttons on the vine to my Baby Steps. 
It is kind of on the back burner until the binding is done.
That's about it for now.
Happy Stitching, Scraping or just living!

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Lorene Holbrook said...

yeah!!! you are almost done. looking good. love the baby steps too!