Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Have Been a Busy Little Beaver

So what have I been so busy doing? 
 I added borders to the 30's Baby Steps.  As you can see I went with the purple for the border and it will be the binding also.
 I also when on a search for buttons.  I wrote the company I purchased the original set of buttons from for the other Baby Steps and I have never heard back from them.  This did not make me happy.  I found some I really loved from England pastel shades and lots of shapes but it would have cost me $24 for the buttons and shipping, I said no way Jose.
So these are the buttons and I am getting the from Shelly's Buttons and More.  Not all the shapes I wanted but the colors I want. So I am OK with that.  Maybe I should have asked my second cousin in England to order them and see if it would have been any cheaper?
I have made some progress on the original Baby Steps.  See the buttons on the top.
I have even made progress on Mr. B's quilt!  I only have three rows to go and now I think I can tie from the front and I won't have to lean over the back of the frame.  Getting happier about this!

And finally I actually have a finish!  Number two for the year!  My Flag Twister Wreath is done.  Here it is hanging on one of my quilt hangers.   Currently it is at the shop as a class sample.  I am teaching this tomorrow, May 2nd.  Fun class and I have four students.

Plus I have been playing in EQ7, doing some class preparation for my monthly club meeting.  We are working in the book Quilt Designs and the group wanted to learn about the Hexagon Quilt.  Here is how mine turned out.
I don't use a lot of colors when I am designing for class or learning new stuff, that takes away from what I am focusing on.  Playing with colors can take hours. So 90% of my EQ stuff is in blue and yellow. 
Well time to fly, I am going out today for lunch with a friend. 
Happy Stitching, Scrapping, and Living! 

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