Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Vine Work

I was bored with sewing on buttons so I started embroidering some leaves.  Here is my progress so far. Only three more sides to go! 

I scanned this and I have the one edge too close to the edge of the scanner.   That is why that one border seems so narrow. 
Look what I started!
Ever since I started working on this, I have been thinking this will look so great in 30's fabric.  Look at it, it is so cute in 30's.  I am trying to decide if I like the blue or the purple better for the inside border.  I am leaning towards the purple.  Purple is my second favorite color and blue is my first. 
One of my friends said the blue looks like me
and the purple looks like Easter. 
I really don't want an Easter look. 
Leave a comment and tell me which one you like better. 

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