Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Little Bit of Scraping

Part of what I have been scrapbooking is My Life Story so this week I made my binder cover page and the spine. 
Binder Cover
This picture was taken when I was 40, so 26 years ago. 
Binder Spine
Inside I have dividers for each decade plus the year I was married.  On the front of the divider page is a What Happened in that year and on the back is my Time Line for everything that happened in that decade.  On my Time Lines I included things like where I lived, if we moved, school, jobs, births and deaths, and occasionally a historical fact.  I just had a thought I guess I could do a few more of those.  Well that is a project for another day.


I look like I an ready to take the world on sitting
on the back of the Lion in Detroit.





I still have to find a picture for this one. I have lots of boxes of pictures to go through to find one.
Time Line 1968
  This has been a fun project but I have a lot of work left to do!!
Happy Easter!!
Have fun quilting, scraping and just living!!!
PS I forgot to mention where I purchased the What Happen in Year pages, here is the link to Family Tree Stalker.

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MissPeggy said...

I love this idea!!! Where did you get the templates?