Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Top is Done!

I have gotten some sewing done!! Thanks to the fact that my scrapbooking supplies are off my cutting table. I was able to cut and add the last four borders to Mr. B's quilt, Orion's Star. Not to make the backing and buy the batting. He wants high loft and tied. No cardboard quilting for him. He calls quilt that are quilted relatively close as cardboard quilts. Of course we differ on that opinion. But since it is his quilt I will make it his way.

You can't see the whole quilt here but you get the idea. I am also having issues with blogger tonight, I can't type on the compose tab, only on the HTML tab, so I can't change my font size or add spaces between the picture and text. Bugging me. I did all the typical problem solving tips, shut down computer, cleaned internet cookies and stuff. Oh well. Happy Sewing! Scraping, or whatever. Be sure to stay safe and cool this summer.

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Lorene Holbrook said...

go Mary, go Mary, go Mary! I love how it turned out. we have our sweeties happy don't we!