Friday, June 21, 2013

My Desk and It's New Life

About two weeks ago I had this brilliant idea. That I needed a place to scrapbook that wasn't in my sewing room.  I am not getting any sewing done because the scrapbooking is on the cutting table and I don't want to put it all away to cut fabric.  Especially since I need to add outside boarders to a quilt. 
Bottom drawers with 8.5 x 11 paper
So I thought where could I do this.  A good friend offered me a desk and I thought I had a solution to my problem.  But when I got home and pulled into my garage I realized I had a desk, why don't I use that desk.   

Middle drawer with punches
So I cleaned out the desk. I purchased this desk from DI (Deseret Industries) when I first moved to Arizona in 1984. I think I paid $100 for it, so it is not the fanciest roll top desk you have ever seen but guess what, it works. 
Top drawers
This poor desk has been neglected  for many years.  It has been in the back food storage room, just holding old stuff.  For the last year since our remodel last March it has been in the garage.  

Middle drawers and work area
The top right drawer has pens, most of them given to me by a good friend. The middle drawer has my Kiwi Lane Designing Templates, one of my favorite tools. Left drawer are mostly corner punches and some old punches, for flowers, circles, stars. Now it is in my front room, you know the room that is company ready all the time. It polished up very nicely. 

Work area
The work space may be a little smaller than I would like but I would only make a bigger mess if I had more room.  You can see those two finished pages in yesterday's post.  The area works well.

Closed and Company Ready
The nice thing is I can close it up and I am ready for company and my creative mess is hidden.  It doesn't hold all my stuff but it does hold the things I use the most.  

My cutting table is all cleaned off and I am going to go cut boarders now.  
Have fun today! Happy Stitching or Scraping!


Lorene Holbrook said...

love your desk! you organized it nicely. great plus you can be with the family while scrapbooking! win, win!

mrsquilt said...

The desk is a great idea, looks so organized!