Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wedding Album Series #1

WOW I can't believe I have not posted in over a month.  I have been very sick with bronchitis and maybe asthma.  I never had trouble with asthma before but there are times I cough so hard I wheeze and can't get my breath.  Very scary.  I am on my third round of steroids and I am still coughing.  I am so tired of it.  Anyway I will see a pulmonologist on Friday. 
Today I just wanted to do something more, so this is why I am posting. 
In October I started a wedding album for my daughter and her husband.  I presented the album to them at Christmas, not finished.  Well last Wednesday the 27th of March, I finally finished it and gave it to them when we went to dinner to celebrate her birthday. 
I really enjoyed doing this project, I had a lot of fun.  She really likes it so I am so glad I did it for her. 
I will do a series of post over a week of all the pages.  Just because I am such a show off!
 You may have seen some of these pages before but this time it will be in sequence.

Title page

I found a fun font to use called Slasher Heavy.  I used it for any journaling or labeling I did that wasn't in my handwriting.

The invitation.

The happy couple made their
own invitations. 

The night before the wedding the two families meet for dinner to start the celebrating.  We meet at Tao Asian Bistro.
The bride and her Dad and Richard and I.  Sometimes I look at this hair cut and I think I should cut my hair.

Kierra's brother and his former wife.  Kierra's Mom and her husband.  We sat right by the Buddha.

The groom's parents and everyone at the table.  We all had a nice evening after our long drive from Mesa AZ to Las Vegas, NV.

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