Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just a Little Quilting

And I mean little in more than one way. I made Barbie Doll Quilts for those sweet little girls that are living with me. They even helped me quilt them. The sat on my lap and I let them push the go button. I don't have a foot peddle. I had the machine on very slow speed and they guided the fabric. I told them when to stop. They are both very happy about the little quilts.
Here they are side by side
Each quilt also has a matching pillow.  The pillow is propped up on a spool of thread.  These little quilts I made match their pillowcases I made them for Christmas.
Princess Quilt on a Barbie Bed
Frog Quilt on a Barbie Bed

That is some cute bed they have for their Barbies!
Happy Stitching!

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SewCalGal said...

That is the cutest Barbie bed I've ever seen. Love that frog quilt.