Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Top Secret Project

Now that Christmas is over I can reveal the top secret project.  It isn't complete at this time.  I still have about 20 more pictures to add to the wedding album.  Three years ago last Halloween our daughter Kierra was married in Las Vegas.  About 2 years ago I started scrapbooking.  So this year I decided to make her a wedding album in a Halloween theme and in her two favorite colors. 
She was so surprised when she saw it and really liked it a lot.  She is excited to post the pictures and feels very special that she has parents that do this for her, none of her friends' parents do such wonderful things. 
I am not posting them all here today just a few.  They are 12 x 12 pages and too big to scan.  So I am taking pictures of each of page.  She hasn't seen some of these pages because I have made them since Christmas.
Title Page

I did blot out their last names for privacy.

 Friday Night Family Dinner

Kierra & her Dad and Mr. B & me 
  Well that is all I am going to show off for now.  I have about 22 pages done.  I used lots of different papers and techniques.  I even weaved two different papers together.  I haven't taken a picture of that page yet. 
It has been a fun project and I am so glad she likes it. 
I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may you be blessed with the righteous desires of your hearts and may you be up to your challenges.

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