Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gratitude # 6

Today I am grateful for my health, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. OK I might not be as physically healthy as I was in my 20’s or 40’s but I am in good shape for my age and trying to get into better shape and I am grateful to have the opportunity to take care of myself and others.
Mary in Sedona AZ Fall 1986
When I see a person younger than myself with major health problems I feel compassion for them and the trails they face.  It reminds me of how fragile life and health are, and it make my gratitude fly on wings of prayer to heaven.  
Health isn't just about the body it is also about the mind and spirit.  I am grateful I can renew my sprite each Sunday at church and each day during scripture study and with prayers.  
As far as my emotional health I have frequently said, "I like my kind of crazy the best, at least I understand it."  :-) 
I am a little behind with my posts but some nights after work I am too tired to write. 

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