Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sew Along Block 2

Well this block was a little more challenging to make. 
 It took a couple of minute of studying it to figure out the best way to make the block.  I almost always paper piece blocks with these kinds of weird angles.  
Just to give you a little idea of how I pieced the block I have a couple pictures of it under constuction. Here is the back, you can see where I joined the sections together.
Back of block

WOW the color is sure off in this one, above is more accurate. 
All done

Have fun stitching!!


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your block is lovely. I was going to print this as paper pieced, but I didn't see the option for it when I went to print it. Does your Blockbase let you print it as pping?

Mary said...

Hi Billie,
Thanks for stopping by and yuor comment. I linked Block Base to EQ and printed it from EQ. I did check in Block Base and you can print it for Paper Piecing but it is called Foundation Pattern. The printer icon is on the top icon bar. You can also go to File > Print > Foundation Pattern.
Bilie if you need more help please ask.

Mary said...

I went into BB and did a block search for this block and Foundation Pattern was dietered or grayed out so you can not print a foundation apttern. Bummer.

Jenny said...

Beautiful block Mary! So glad you're sewing along with us!