Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Pillow

While I was hanging up my Halloween quilts and putting my Halloween decorations around my house.  I repositioned my blue Honey Bee pillow on my sofa.  I thought I should make me a Halloween pillow. 
Blue Pillow

I made this in the Summer of 1995. This was my first quilting class I took when I started quilting.  It was hand pieced but machine quilted.  Blue is my favorite color and it matches my mother-in-laws sofa we inherited very nicely. 

So making this Halloween pillow turned out to be quite the adventure.  Some sewing projects go smoothly and others have lots of mishaps.  The little center quilt block went smoothly, seriously what could go wrong making a 9 patch block with a little border.  Quilting it went OK. 
I used my spider web quilting again. 

But that ruffle took me three nights to finish.  First I had to watch a little video on how to use the foot, since I haven't use it in at least 12 years.  I broke two needles and I had to bring out my featherweight sewing machine to finish it.  I took off and replace the ruffler foot at least four times.  I couldn't thread the needle with it on, so off it came.  I think my new machine doesn't like my ruffler foot.  It won't make a ruffle, so I took the fabric out at least 10 times every 4 inches.  I had 120" of ruffle. 

So I switched to my Featherweight and things went smooth for the first 10 stitches, then I ran out of thread.  I forgot to put thread on the machine.  I had sewn with what was left from the last time I used the machine.  Took the foot off one more time to thread the machine.  No more broken needles and it was making ruffles!!  I was finally able to finish the ruffle and sew it on to the front. 

I used fabric from my stash and didn't buy any to make this project.  That is always fun.  I am going to make a Fall pillow also, I already have  Christmas one.  I am going to start with the ruffle while my Featherweight is still out.
Halloween Pillow

Just a little fun thing, I have had these black roses for a couple of years,  stopped by Michael's today and they had some and found these fun fullers on sale and I added them to the roses. Those are purple spiders.
Black Roses

Have fun what ever you are doing!

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