Monday, September 24, 2012

More Sewing Over the Weekend

Well once I get on a role I really get on one.  Saturday afternoon I did some cleaning in my sewing room and then I pin basted It's All About the Boots. 
Boots Basted
After it was basted I began quilting around the boots.  I quilted it on Saturday and Sunday.  I thought echo quilting around the boots would be a good idea.  I did the right side and so far so good. 
Echo Quilting

Then I started the left side and did three passes and then I noticed that the lines at the top weren't going the same way.   The right side I followed the design starting at the top, the left side I started at the bottom which made my path a little different at the top.  But I am leaving it, no one will probably notice.     
Left Side

Happy Stitching!!

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