Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Still Do Some Sewing

It has been a busy little while.  My best friend when home to heaven and I spoke at her funeral.  Her children and daughter in laws did a wonderful job at the funeral and writing the Life Story that I read.  Her is a picture of her as a little kid.  It is just her! Smiling and happy.  She had a good life and did many good things in her life even if it wasn't always easy.  She will always be remembered. 

She is my friend who started me quilting.  She asked me to take an 8 week beginner's class with her over at Quilter's Ranch.  Since I always liked sewing it wasn't a hard decision to go.  She also opened a quilt store a couple of years later.  And she gave me my chance to start teaching quilting. 
Thanks Rosie for that.  Look at what you created! 
Oh I did that all by myself with a little help from my friends.

The sewing I have done is all hand sewing.  I finished the binding on my Twister Witch's Hat, and made these 8 little yo-yos in the car on  quick trip to Taylor AZ.  I am not going to post a picture of the hat again.

I still have many more yo-yos to make. 

Now I am off to a quilting retreat for 3 days.  So I will post pictures when I return.  My poor Mr. B is sad he will be alone for three days.  He will survive!

Happy Stitching until we meet again!

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