Friday, January 6, 2012

EQ7 Special Effects

I just realized I was behind in posting my EQ7 Quilt for this week.  I think I am being a little ambitious with this idea.  Mainly because I have been working on catching up on topics for my genealogy blog. Check it out you will read some fun stories about my own life, like high school, elementary school, worst & best subjects.  Enjoy!

Now on to this weeks EQ7 idea.  This is one of my dazzle tricks I teach in my Beginner's class. 

Cross block
First you draw a block any block.  Color it. This cross block is a nice example.

Special Effect Quilt Layout
Next pick one of the Special Effect quilt layout.  This is one of the simple layouts but you could use any of the special effects layouts.

Then add the blocks to the quilt layout.  Remember to use the control key to add the blocks to all the block spaces at one time.  I really like the effect of this quilt, it looks like paths or a game board. 

I hope you try this with different blocks and see how different they can look. 

Would I ever make this quilt, no way but that is the fun of EQ you can design things and not make them. 

Happy EQ Designing!

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