Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Irish Chain Update

I spent Saturday teaching EQ7 Beyond the Basics Class, it was a lot of fun.  My students where all having fun and saying a lot of, "I didn't know that", "Really" and "WOW that is cool".  It is so fun when the class is so enthusiastic. 

I was able to find some sewing time on Sunday & tonight.  I think I did a couple of other evenings of sewing last week, but I forget how many. 

Center completed

Well this might not look different then last weeks picture but it really is, the 8th column was added on and all eight rows were sewn together. 

Tonight I moved on to the border and completed the first section of 10.  I wasn't sewing in a hurry just relaxed and watching TV.  When I plan to do some more I am going to follow the directions in the book closer so I can save some time.  I have a date with the long arm quilter to get this baby quilted and I don't plan to be late.  This quilt is way to big to place on my frame. 

First border section

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